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Why conservatives should heart gay marriage
Sydney Morning Herald (blog)
Apart from the fact they're all a bit twisty and pervy, I can't imagine why conservatives of any shade wouldn't get, ahem, behind gay marriage. In fact, I'm not sure why they wouldn't legislate to make it compulsory. Even Tony Abbott seems to be ...
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Conservatives' tough-on-crime bill goes to Senate
Globe and Mail
The Conservative omnibus crime bill passed third reading Monday night and will go to the Senate for approval. After limiting debate on the legislation in committee and the House of Commons, the Conservatives used their majority status to move the ...
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Globe and Mail
Newt Gingrich And The Conservative Press: A Complicated Relationship
Huffington Post
He's undisciplined, he's self-educated, he's inside Washington, he's not the outsider, he's a phony, he's been all over the ballpark, he's not a conservative, he misleads people. You've heard the laundry list of criticisms about Mr. Newt. ...
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Conservatives whiny and insecure: Study
Toronto Sun
By Warren Kinsella ,QMI Agency In fact, conservatives dislike anything — policies, programs, people — at odds with what they consider to be normal. It's not conjecture, either. It's a scientific fact! A bunch of studies have been done on this, ...
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'Clarity' or inconsistency? Conservatives debate surging Gingrich
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
The speech reflected the fact that one of Gingrich's most stubborn redoubts of support has been among Jewish conservatives, many of whom were still appreciative of the checks he put on the Oslo peace process in the mid-1990s when he was House speaker. ...
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Ed Miliband: Conservatives must stop 'looking inwards'
On the campaign trail in Feltham and Heston, the Labour leader says Conservative splits over Europe are affecting David Cameron's abillity to fight for Britain's interests during the eurozone crisis. Voters in the west London constituency will have the ...
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Conservatives may lead Egypt
Detroit Free Press
Nobel peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei fears Egypt will not go down an ultraconservative path. / BERNAT ARMANGUE/Associated Press By Sarah El Deeb and Marjorie Olster Associated Press CAIRO, Egypt -- Egypt's top reformist leader says the progressive ...
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Conservatives Discover An Inconvenient Truth: Jon Huntsman Is One Of Them
Business Insider
Image: AP Conservatives are getting very worried now that the two-Republican front-runners look so weak. And they searching for yet another alternative candidate. Many of them are looking at Jon Huntsman. Here is just a short list of right-leaning ...
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Business Insider
Conservative convictions define Santorum campaign
Conway Daily Sun
But his positions should resonate with conservatives, he said, on issues from the economy and taxes to foreign policy and education. "People don't think the economy is getting a lot better," he said. "Most of the news out of Washington is conflict or ...
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Moderate Kansas Republicans Vow To Fight Back Conservative Challenge
Huffington Post
In Kansas, Republican state legislators have leaned increasingly conservative. Now a leader of the state's moderate Republican faction is vowing to fight back. Kansas Senate President Steve Morris (R-Hugoton) said moderate GOP senators will ...
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Morning Examiner: Conservatives embracing Huntsman | Campaign ...
By Conn Carroll
Whether it is a fair or unfair characterization, the perception among conservatives is that Huntsman just does not like them. But what if Huntsman could change that perception. What if he invested some ad buys on conservative talk radio shows ...
Morning Examiner
GayPatriot » Something for conservatives to bear in mind
By B. Daniel Blatt
Representing the millions of patriotic gays and lesbians across the USA by standing up for freedom, fairness, free speech, privacy and true American values. GayPatriot is the internet home for American gay conservatives and hailed as "the ...
PDC sides with conservatives on tactics complaint - State & Federal ...
The investigative arm of the state Public Disclosure Commission is recommending that a complaint of illegal elections tactics filed against a conservative political group be dismissed, according to documents released Friday.
The Olympian Online -- South Sound
Conservatives Catching On to Gingrich | Dispatches from the Culture ...
By Ed Brayton
Now that Newt Gingrich has taken his turn in the barrel as the not-Mitt of the week, conservatives are starting to recognize that he is every bit as bad as Mitt.
Dispatches from the Culture Wars
When It Comes to Romney, Hollywood Conservatives Wait and See ...
By Ted Johnson
As I have written before, at this point in the last cycle, the pool of industry conservatives were lining up with Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, each of whom had courted industry money and highlighted a list of celebrity supporters. That is not the ...
Wilshire & Washington

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