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Conservative pundits turn down Newt
The conservative opinion elite has reached a consensus on Newt Gingrich: He's not the one they've been waiting for. In the days since Gingrich leaped to the forefront of the Republican presidential race, the nation's most prominent right-leaning ...
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How GOP made its unemployment benefits plan palatable for conservatives
Christian Science Monitor
House Republicans now have their own extended unemployment benefits plan, but with reforms to satisfy conservatives, including drug testing, job training, and shorter terms of eligibility. By Gail Russell Chaddock, Staff writer / December 9, ...
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Christian Science Monitor
Conservatives to speed wheat board bill through Senate
(Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS) OTTAWA — The Conservatives say they will invoke closure in the Senate to ensure that a bill to end the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly on grain sales passes next week. The move came as the Liberals tried to freeze the ...
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Conservatives and Europe: divorce was always on the cards
The Guardian
Right from the start the Conservative party's relationship with postwar Europe was fraught with the kind of misunderstandings and ambiguities which guaranteed that divorce might always be an option – as it looks again this weekend in the wake of David ...
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The Guardian
Jon Huntsman, conservative alternative?
Washington Post (blog)
And yet, with the 2012 primary race now shaping up as a fight between former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former House speaker Newt Gingrich, there are some voices within the conservative community urging a second — or, more accurately, ...
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Conservatives ask appeals court to vacate decision on Prop. 8
Gant Daily
The three-judge panel seemed unconvinced while questioning lawyers for conservatives during the hearing. At one point, Judge Stephen Reinhardt said Chuck Cooper, counsel for Prop. 8 proponents, was "unsuccessfully" trying to make a point. ...
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Ron Paul: Neo-Conservatives Took Pleasure In Being Able To Invade Iraq After 9/11
"So, yes, the Neo-Conservatives, even years before [9/11], were looking for an opportunity. This doesn't mean they had glee about 9/11. That's a total misinterpretation. They had pleasure in knowing that they had an excuse now to do what they wanted to ...
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How Newt Wooed the Right: Inside His Meeting with Top Conservatives
Over Thanksgiving weekend Newt Gingrich sent an e-mail to his old friend Richard Viguerie, the dean of the cultural right, asking him to convene a meeting of the top undecided conservatives from around the country–a big group–so that Gingrich could try ...
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Ron Paul's Appeal To Christian Conservatives « Alan Colmes ...
By Alan
Ron Paul says his less government mantra is rooted in his Christian faith. In stark contrast to how he campaigned four years ago, Paul has made a concerted push during this presidential campaign to emphasize how religion has shaped his ...
Alan Colmes' Liberaland
A Brief Guide to Conservatives Freaking Out over Newt Gingrich
By Jim Newell
It did not seem possible that Newt Gingrich, star of the biggest political flameout of the 1990s, would find himself weeks away from the 2012 Republican presidential nominating contests and leading by double-digits in both national polls and ...
Crazy Conservatives Convinced DADT Repeal Has Led Military To ...
By Evan Mulvihill
Many of us know how quickly an innocent gay orgy in the military barracks can turn into a full-on bestiality party. The dogs simply throw themselves at you.
A Tale of Two Conservatives - Reason Magazine
By Lucy Steigerwald
Andrew C. McCarthy wants to give the government more power; Sen. Rand Paul doesn't.
Reason Magazine Full Feed
Romney Conference Call Takes Questions From Leftist Outlets ...
By John Nolte
Stupid isn't the word here. You are trying to make the case you are more conservative than Newt Gingrich and you not only exclude Conservatives from questions but you take questions from flipping Mother Jones and Talking Points Memo? ...
Big Journalism

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