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Conservatives launch long-gun registry ad campaign
Montreal Gazette
OTTAWA — The Conservative party has launched a new radio and online campaign to let Canadians know that the long-gun registry is about to go. The radio advertisement features a couple talking about the registry's demise in casual conversation, ...
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Newt Gingrich looks to conservatives, Mitt Romney to general election as ...
Washington Post
With close to two weeks before GOP voters start choosing their nominee, Gingrich is courting the conservative primary voters he will need to win in Iowa and sustain his campaign against Romney, whose superior organization and pile of cash has him ...
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Cameron WILL offer tax break for marriage: Pledge after Clegg mocks Tories ...
Daily Mail
By James Chapman David Cameron renewed his vow to introduce tax breaks for married couples last night despite a 'puerile' attack from Nick Clegg accusing the Conservatives of wanting to return to the 1950s. A source close to the Prime Minister told the ...
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Daily Mail
Courting conservatives, Newt Gingrich again says he would crack down on judges
Washington Post
As he courts conservatives, the former House speaker has stepped up his attacks on the judicial system in recent days as the Iowa caucuses near. Gingrich helped fund an effort last year to oust three Iowa judges who upheld a law permitting gay marriage ...
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Gingrich Deflation Puts Iowa Conservatives Back At Square One
Huffington Post
FORT DODGE, Iowa -- As Newt Gingrich falls back to earth -- under assault from his primary rivals, Iowa pastors and the conservative establishment -- three other Republican presidential candidates are hoping to benefit here in the Hawkeye State. ...
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Conservative group says Wisconsin to allow Mickey Mouse, Hitler signatures on ...
Conservative group says Wisconsin to allow Mickey Mouse, Hitler signatures on petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker The Government Accountability Board, which oversees Wisconsin elections, met Dec. 13, 2011 to discuss petitions that are being ...
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Newt Gingrich Family Leader Endorsement Not Certain
Huffington Post
DES MOINES/MINNEAPOLIS, Dec 18 (Reuters) - Newt Gingrich's marital problems have come back to haunt him in Iowa where Christian conservatives are split over whether they can look beyond his past infidelities and endorse him for the Jan. 3 caucuses. ...
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Tim Harper: Three women who fought back against the Conservatives
Toronto Star
Michaela Keyserlingk, holding a picture of her late husband Robert, was threatened with a lawsuit by the Conservative party for using its logo in a website opposing Canadian asbestos exports. By Tim Harper National Affairs Columnist Franke James ...
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Conservatives on the march: They're mad as hell and they're just not going to ...
Toronto Sun
In doing so, they confirmed their position in the vanguard of conservative political leadership slowly gathering momentum in the anglophone world. How did they do this? They just said "no." In Harper's case, it was the rent seekers and incorrigible ...
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Conservatives protect 1 percent
Springfield News-Leader
For decades the super rich have quietly recruited so-called conservatives to protect their wealth by creating a political system that is dictated by their greed. The "1 percent" have even shed their sheep's clothing because they feel invincible. ...
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Conservatives May Buck Gingrich's Attacks on Courts - Politics - The ...
By Ted Mann
The Republican presidential candidate "doubled down" Sunday on his insistence that Congress should be permitted to subpoena judges who issues rulings with which it disagrees.
The Atlantic Wire
Video: Newt Rips Conservative who Support Conservatives | RedState
By abierubin (Diary)
Newt Gingrich is currently playing the role of the Tea Party candidate, and quite convincingly so. So successful is he in adapting new roles, that many.
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Conservatives
By Jonathan Bernstein
Sunday Question for Conservatives. With Congress almost done for the year...what do you think of the results? More than you expected after the 2010 landslide? Less? What's your biggest disappointment? The happiest surprise? Bookmark ...
A plain blog about politics
Conservatives worry about Clegg's increasingly petulant reaction to ...
By Conservative Home
By Tim Montgomerie Follow Tim on Twitter Conservative insiders are worried that the fallout from the EU veto might be greater than they first expected. While Lib Dems may be unable to reverse the veto (which Cable brazenly told Andrew Marr ...

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