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Islamic parties set for strong showing as liberals lose out
The Independent
The biggest surprise could lie in the success of the Al-Nour Party, or Party of Light, a fundamentalist Salafi group whose members aspire towards a literalist view of Islam. Early indications showed the party could finish in second place and take a ...
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Saif Gaddafi London School Of Economics Admittance Investigated
Huffington Post
Britain's Foreign Office approached a professor at the prestigious University of Oxford to admit Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif Al-Islam as a student, The Guardian reports. The revelation comes as part of an investigation by former lord chief justice Woolf ...
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Leaders send a loud message: Domestic violence is un-Islamic
Toronto Star
Islam doesn't condone it," Sikander Ziad Hashmi, imam at the Islamic Society of Canada in Kingston, says of the idea of honour killings. Islam does not condone domestic violence. The Qur'an does not sanction the idea of honour killings. ...
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Inside Story - Is political Islam replacing Arab dictators?
Al Jazeera
Is political Islam now spreading across North Africa? Inside Story discusses with Mustapha Khalfi, of the Justice and Development Party; Miguel Rozas, a political analyst; and Barbara Zollner, a lecturer in Islamic Studies at University of London.
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The permissible feasts in Islam
Nigerian Tribune
This day i perfected your religion for you and com-pleted my favour over you and I have chosen Islam as religion {o mankind}" Q5:3. This verse was revealed to our noble prophet Muhammed on the month of Arafat on the occasion of the Hajj performed at ...
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Obama Should Praise Not Shun Morocco's Elections
Fox News
The king, in his capacity as the country's highest religious authority, has exerted considerable energy and resources over the past ten years to the support of moderate forms of Islam. He has introduced female religious "guides" to oversee the ...
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Islamists Electoral Rise Due to Failed Secularism: Pankaj Mishra
2 (Bloomberg) -- My last column, on the strangely renewable appeal of political Islam, provoked some strong reactions from both extremes of the ideological spectrum. Some correspondents urged me to reconsider -- even embrace -- Islam as the most ...
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Non-Muslim Muslims and the Jihad Against the West
FrontPage Magazine
That is, if Muslims don't kill me for leaving Islam, which it requires them to do. That's just one of the reasons I've been writing and drawing against Islam and its Jihad for a number of years now. But fortunately for us, Islam hasn't been able to ...
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FrontPage Magazine
Britain: Islam In, Christianity Out
Hudson New York
Halawi was dismissed in July, following complaints by five Muslims that she was being "anti-Islamic." Halawi says her problems with the Muslims began after she defended a Christian friend who worked with her at the same store, and who was being ...
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German Court Bans Muslim School Prayers
... that the country is becoming intolerant towards its Muslim minority. According to a 2010 nationwide poll by the research institute Infratest-dimap, more than one third of the respondents would prefer "a Germany without Islam." Muslim prayer court.
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Five myths about Muslims in America : Euro-Islam: News and ...
By Freeha
I founded the multi-faith Cordoba Initiative to fight the misunderstandings that broaden the divide between Islam and the West — each perceived as harmful by the other. Millions of American Muslims, who see no contradiction between being ...
Euro-Islam: News and Analysis...

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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business ...
Following the resignation of Mr. Bara\'a Al Qenaei, CEO of International Investment Group, the board of directors of IIG convened on September 7th 201 ( more)

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