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Europe's radical right focuses on fighting Islam
The Associated Press
This movement claims its fight is against Islam, and uses crusader symbols instead of swastikas. It frames its mission as a cultural struggle, although opponents say it is little more than old-fashioned xenophobia hiding beneath anti-Islamic rhetoric. ...
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Egypt is already Islamic, and we won't monopolise parliament: Brotherhood's ...
Ahram Online
"There is nothing in Islam called a religious state because Islam has a civilian nature," Badie explained, in response to a question about the possible creation of an Islamic state under an FJP-lead government. "Our project is not the Islamisation of ...
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Q&A: Imam takes reader questions on Islam and violence against women
Globe and Mail
One of those leaders, Imam Syed Soharwardy - founder of the Islamic Supreme Council and a long-time anti-violence advocate - took reader questions on the issues raised by the leaders' statement. Reader question: What can I, as a white non-Muslim woman, ...
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Globe and Mail
Challenge for Political Islam in Syria
Huffington Post
The seculars are panicking, to say the least, watching the victory of Islamic parties in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, and the emergence of politically-driven politicians in Libya. Regardless if the regime stays or not, political Islam is on the rise, ...
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International court seeks information from Libya on Seif al-Islam whereabouts
Washington Post
19 that Seif al-Islam Gadhafi had been captured by fighters in the country's remote southern desert. Days later they said they plan to put Seif on trial, despite the Hague-based court having issued an arrest warrant on crimes against humanity charges. ...
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Hard-line Islamist gains surprise in Egypt vote
CBS News
Their leaders still say Islam must restrict democracy. "The mechanism of democracy suits me, like elections and ballot boxes to choose my representative," said Yousseri Hamed, spokesman for the strongest Salafi party, Al-Nour. "The idea that the people ...
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Pakistani minister thanks Taliban for not bombing
Seattle Post Intelligencer
Ashura, which falls on the 10th of Muharram under the Islamic lunar calendar, is one of the most important holy days for Shiite Muslims, It marks the death of Islam's Prophet Muhammad's grandson Imam Hussein. Photo: Mohammad Sajjad / AP Pakistani ...
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Court muffs Islamic marriage case
Greensboro News & Record (blog)
Were an Islamic marriage and divorce valid, even though neither was certified by the state? The marriage yes, the divorce no, says the NC Court of Appeals in a split decision released today. In this case, I think the dissenting judge got it right. ...
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Islam straining at the seams
Lowy Interpreter
Just as many in the Sunni world harbour a deep dislike of the Shi'a as dissenters from 'orthodox' Islam, many in the Shi'a world see themselves as perennially persecuted by the stronger Sunni establishment. In response, some Shi'a have adopted a ...
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After Averroës — The Decline of Islam
Ottawa Citizen (blog)
Some months ago I wrote an article arguing that the "root causes" of Islamist terrorism do not lie in poverty or western imperialism but in the spiritual deformation of Islam itself, a pathology that can be traced to a clash between reason and faith in ...
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French Minister: "There's no such thing as moderate Islam" : Euro ...
By Euro-Islam
News Agencies – December 3, 2011. A French minister said there was no such thing as moderate Islam, calling recent election successes by Islamic parties in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia "worrying" in an interview. Jeannette Bougrab, a junior ...
Euro-Islam: News and Analysis...
Free speech questions surface after Clinton's invitation to Muslim ...
A religious liberty expert is concerned that the U.S. State Department appears to be collaborating with a group that has worked to outlaw criticism of Islam around the world.
CNA Daily News
Court Forbids Muslim Student from Praying In Berlin School ...
By Stephen Brown
"This is not a verdict against Islam," stated Der Spiegel, Germany's largest news publication, in hailing the decision. "It is a verdict for the sensible separation of state and religion." The ruling's only drawback, however, was that the court ...
FrontPage Magazine

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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - US Imam ...
CAIRO - Addressing an ethnically diverse community in a city with a history rich in interfaith work, the appointment of imam William Suhaib Webb came t (more)

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