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Joining a Dinner in a Muslim Brotherhood Home
New York Times
I told Sondos that Westerners are fearful partly because they have watched the authorities oppress women in the name of Islam in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan. "I don't think Egypt can ever be compared to Saudi Arabia or Iran or ...
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New York Times
Islam in America
The Keystone
I attended a mosque recently and the lecturer spoke about Islam in America. He said, "… because of propaganda, Islam's image is distorted," and as a Muslim, I feel the need to clarify what my religion is truly about. I am a strong believer in not only ...
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Islamic phone features 29 Quran translations; points to Mecca
CNN (blog)
An Indian company is hoping that among India's Muslims, it will be the new Quran mobile, a smartphone loaded with Islamic features. The new ENMAC Quran MQ3500 phone, launched last month in India, comes with Islam's holy book translated in 29 languages ...
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Gaddafi's PhD is a lesson to all leaders
Financial Times
The 183-page report by Lord Woolf into the entanglement between the London School of Economics and Seif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of the late dictator, includes in-flight philosophy tutorials, academic intrigue, shady companies and mysterious visits from ...
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Bank Islam eyes M&As in Indonesia and Bangladesh
Malaysia Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd is eyeing opportunities for expansion in Indonesia and Bangladesh, which have sizeable Muslim populations and adequate Islamic banking regulatory policy and supporting infrastructure for syariah-based financing and ...
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Islam And Women
Slice and dice it anyway you want, the truth is, Islam is the religion whose adherents are most discriminatory on women. Take the case of 19-year-old Gulnaz, who spent nearly two years in an Afghan prison cell. If the reply astounds you, rest assured, ...
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Terrorists said to be infiltrating military
Washington Times
Daniel E. Lungren, California Republican, about his refusal to use the word "Islamic" or "Islamist" when describing al Qaeda, Mr. Stockton said branding terrorists as Muslims plays into their narrative that the United States is at war with Islam. ...
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Washington Times
Questions abound as Arab Islamists move into spotlight
Jordan Times
As Islamists take their turn at governance after decades in the wings, observers and politicians say the movements face several challenges that will dictate the future success of political Islam across the region. Despite its absence from the recent ...
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Gingrich Sees Growing Radical Islamist Threat
New York Times (blog)
Newt Gingrich on Wednesday equated the United States' understanding of what will be a "long struggle with radical Islam" to where the country stood with the Soviet Union just after World War II, on the eve of a cold war that would dominate American ...
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New York Times (blog)

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'Wahhabis' Exposed? - Islam News Room .com
Islam Newsroom - News Muslims Need - When We Need It! ... Donate for Islam ... they were trying to explain the reality of just being a "plain ordinary Muslim". ...
IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Select ...
UAE-based Select Group has said more than 1700 residential units in three developments are set to be delivered in Dubai Marina, Khaleej Times has reported.
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Veena Malik Nude Photo 'An Insult To Islam' Gather Celebs News Channel Many are outraged over the shots and have said they are an "outrage to Islam". ...

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