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This is NOT Islam
Coordinated suicide attacks in Afghanistan on Ashura; 10 th of Muharram, Islamic lunar month left scores of people dead, many severely injured. An outlawed militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi based in Pakistan claimed the responsibility. ...
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Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas and cucumbers
A European Islamic cleric has allegedly warned women to steer clear of bananas, cucumbers, carrots, Zucchini and other phallic-shaped vegetables because it will make them have "sexual thoughts." The cleric, whose directive to women, featured in an ...
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Don't mention Islam, says new anti-terror plan
Daily Caller
By Neil Munro FILE - This Oct. 2008 file photo shows US-born radical Islamic cleric Imam Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen. (AP Photo/Muhammad ud-Deen, File) The White House wants to use US Attorneys to coordinate outreach to immigrant groups that produce ...
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Daily Caller
Fuelling Islamophobia?
Professor Hussein Solomons, resurfaced this week with another open editorial exposing his warped sentiments on the aftermath of the Arab Spring and the rise of political Islam in Tunisia, Egypt and even Turkey. This has been a hypothesis frequently ...
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No 'honour' in domestic violence, not part of Islam, imams to preach Friday
National Post (blog)
"We felt very strongly that we had a responsibility to make it very, very clear that honor killings — so-called honor killings; we don't want to consider them anything honorable — have absolutely nothing to do with Islam," said Sikander Hashmi, ...
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National Post (blog)
Anti-Islamic Hyperventilation….
TIME (blog)
His Islamic mutterings should have flagged him as unsuitable for service long before he drew a gun on those innocents in Texas. But… He was a lone wolf. There will be others. They may even amount to a pack. We need to be aware of them, and ensure they ...
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Ultraconservative Islamist Party Reshapes Egypt's Politics
Daily Beast
El Nour, the political party of the Salafis, the ultra-orthodox extreme of Islam, won a quarter of the vote in Egypt's last elections, success that alarmed even the conservative Muslim Brotherhood. When a coalition of brand-new, ultraconservative ...
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Daily Beast
Arab Spring's Silver Lining: A Search for the Soul of Arab Islam
Weekly Blitz
by Dr. Elie Elhadj Non-Arab Muslims in predominantly Sunni Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkey, representing two thirds of world Muslims, have a moderate and modern attitude towards Islamic dogma and Sharia laws. ...
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Weekly Blitz
DOD Labels Ft. Hood Attack 'Workplace Violence'
Christian Broadcasting Network
Fox News reported Collins also blasted the Obama administration for failing to identify the threat of radical Islam. The Maine Republican suggested political correctness is being placed ahead of the security of America's military at home. ...
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CAIR: Bigots Pressure TLC Advertisers on 'All-American Muslim'
Sacramento Bee
The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said the calls for an advertiser boycott are coming from Internet hate sites like "Bare Naked Islam," which recently featured a number of threats of violence targeting US and European ...
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Frontier Post :: Afghanistan News :: Russian female converts to Islam
By shimran
KUNDUZ (AIP): A female Russian engineer converted to Islam in northern Takhar province on Thursday, her Afghan colleague said. The Russian engineer Miss Olga [sic] has been working at a gold mine in Takhar province for the last three ...
Frontier Post
Radicals disrupt Islam debate in Amsterdam < Dutch news - Expatica
Radical Belgian Muslims on Wednesday evening disrupted an Islam debate held at Amsterdam venue De Balie which featured writer and Muslim activist Irshad...
Expatica - Dutch Local Headlines

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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Dozens ...
By ELIZABETH A. KENNEDY | AP Published: Dec 6, 2011 13:17 Updated: Dec 6, 2011 13:56 BEIRUT: A surge in violence in the restive Syrian city of Homs has ...
Egypt Salafis want no pact with Muslim Brotherhood - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt's ultra-conservative Islamist Salafis said they will not water down their views to ally with the more moderate Muslim ...
Europe's Radical Right Focuses on Fighting Islam - ABC News
In Europe, "counterjihadist" blogs as well as defence leagues and other anti- Islamic groups have rejected Breivik as a deranged psychopath. Investigators ...
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