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Tolerance Between Islam and the Muslims
In order to understand my husband's religion I have been reading a lot of literature about Islam.Please can you tell me what exactly tolerance means to a Muslim and what it says in the Qur'an about tolerance?So much of what I have read has an extremely ...
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Islamic Society of Augusta honors families who made pilgrimage to Mecca
The Augusta Chronicle
A reception was held in their honor Friday night at the Islamic Society of Augusta. It's a blessing to have so many Hajjis, Imam Majed Sabke said. "They are an example to the community," he said. Most traveled to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in ...
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Islam no threat to democracy - Nobel winner Karman
Reuters UK
By Gwladys Fouche OSLO (Reuters) - Islam and other religions do not threaten democracy, Yemeni activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakul Karman said on Friday. To the disquiet of some in the West, Islamist parties are emerging as big winners from ...
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Islam is world's future: US scholar
Oman Daily Observer
By Hasan Kamoonpuri - MUSCAT — Shaikh Khalid Yasin, a celebrated Islamic orator, delivered three very successful lectures on 'The True Religion of God', 'Islam and Modern Challenges' and 'Purpose of Life' at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Hall and Qurum ...
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Muslim leaders decry domestic violence
Canada's Muslim clerics have banded together to denounce domestic violence, telling their congregations during Friday prayer sessions that there is no honour in killing and that violence against women has no place in Islam. "The best of you will never ...
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Proposed 'international Islamic power bloc' can't afford dissent
Islamic factions jockeying for position from out of the ashes of the Arab Spring are posing an increased threat to Middle East Christians, an international human rights group contends. The British group Barnabas Aid says that Christians in Iran and ...
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Senators 'Disappointed' by Omission of Radical Islam From Homegrown Terror ...
Fox News
Two prominent senators chided the Obama administration for releasing a strategic plan on homegrown terror that doesn't mention radical Islam and likens domestic extremism to "gang violence" and "sexual offenses." The 24-page plan, released Thursday, ...
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Fox News
Guest Commentary: Converts needn't leave behind old traditions
Memphis Commercial Appeal
These are common questions heard during the holidays, but as American converts to Islam, such questions hold a different meaning for us. We participate in secular holidays like Thanksgiving by joining our families for the traditional meal. ...
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The Cypress Times
After describing the 2009 shootings in Texas's Fort Hood by an Islamic US Army officer, and at a military recruitment station in Arkansas, which killed a total of 14 people and wounded more than two dozen, Lieberman warned the panel that "the only ...
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The Cypress Times

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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Airlines ...
By REUTERS Published: Dec 7, 2011 23:35 Updated: Dec 7, 2011 23:35 GENEVA: Airlines worldwide face over $8 billion in losses next year if Europe\'s ...$8bn-in-anti...

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