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The Egyptian elections: Why an Islamic sweep?
Workers World
The Brotherhood is viewed as a moderate group, sometimes compared to the governing Islamic party of Turkey, which administers a nonreligious state. The Salafists are Islamic conservatives who seek separation of the sexes in most public places. ...
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Workers World
So the buck stops at Islam?
For centuries, Islam's idea of finance hasn't received due attention in the mainstream. It is not that Islamic finance was less convincing; the point is that the capitalist financial system was never in a pathetically grave situation as it is today. ...
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Ottawa imam condemns 'honour killings'
Vancouver Sun
By Mohammed Adam, Postmedia News December 10, 2011 OTTAWA — The imam of the Ottawa Mosque has condemned so-called honour killing, saying the practice speaks to a perverse sense of honour that is alien to Islam, and has no place in society. ...
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Neo-Liberalism the Issue, Not Islam
Inter Press Service
Its supporters see it as both the party of Islam and the party of revolution and change. However, when it comes to issues concerning economics and international finance, it generally advocates continuing the generally neo-liberal policies of the former ...
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Islam no threat to democracy, says Nobel winner
Al-Masry Al-Youm
Islam and other religions do not threaten democracy, Yemeni activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakul Karman said on Friday. To the disquiet of some in the West, Islamist parties are emerging as big winners from this year's "Arab Spring" uprisings, ...
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French far-right group has message in menu
San Francisco Chronicle
The extreme right Bloc Identitaire, or Identity Bloc, was lashing out at Islam while dining on pork roast and local wine — off limits to practicing Muslims. The group, an emerging force on France's far-right scene, likens Muslim immigrants to invaders ...
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ART & ABOUT: The many faces of Islamic architecture
New Straits Times
The latest theme is Architecture and its Representations in Islamic Art, just right for Awal Muharram, and admirably represented in the Aga Khan collection. As architecture is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Islamic world, it is appropriate ...
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Lowe's pulls ads from 'All-American Muslim' after 'ordinary' portrayal protested
CNN (blog)
Still, there are peaceful, good, kind, loving people who are followers of ANY religion that comes to mind, Islam included. I've had the opportunity to meet and deal with people in Dearborn and surrounding areas... they truly are no different than the ...
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4th-graders brainwashed with Occupy 'propaganda'
WND also has reported that Islamic factions now are taking part in the development and editing processes for textbooks in US public schools, how some schools have required students to "become Muslim" and memorize the "Five Pillars of Islam" during ...
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Far-fetched fatwas on the rise
This edict has rightfully stirred a storm of criticism among Muslims, with the majority mocking the cleric and saying that such religious leaders only served to give Islam a bad name. One online reader claimed that the shaikh was retarded and should ...
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Lowe's Pulls Ads From 'All-American Muslim' After Christianist ...
By Brandon K. Thorp
We based our decision to pull the advertising on this research and after hearing the concerns we received through emails, calls, through social media and in news reports." You can see a trailer for All American Muslim AFTER THE JUMP. ...
Towleroad News #gay

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Libya – News from Saif Al Islam Gaddafi (December 6, 2011 ...
Laaska news Dec. 7, 2011. Photo:File. According to Ilibya TV, the Mujahid Saif Al Islam Gaddafi has been operated ​​today. The operation of these fingers was ...
Collective Punishment Under Islam | New Middle East News
by Raymond IbrahimDecember 8, 2011 at 4:30 am 2646/collective-punishment-islam During a recent altercation in Egypt, a Christian ...

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