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Islamist parties' electoral success in Egypt has Copts worried
Los Angeles Times
The struggle will define an emerging political Islam. A man holds a cross made of flowers as he chants slogans after clashes between Coptic Christians and residents in a Cairo neighborhood last month. (Mohamed Abd El-Ghany, Reuters / November 17, ...
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Los Angeles Times
Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan and Oprah Winfrey arrive in Haiti, but on ...
Washington Post
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan started a five-day trip to Haiti on Sunday, arriving just ahead of fellow Chicagoan Oprah Winfrey as they make separate trips to the poor Caribbean country. Farrakhan told reporters at the ...
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Islamic spokesman balances medicine, religion, family
The Tennessean
Amir Arain, an associate professor of neurology and spokesman for the Islamic Center of Nashville, says, "The only competition (between faiths) is to do good to others." / George Walker IV / The Tennessean It could be a call about a patient in crisis. ...
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Islamic Relief organises 'Children's Recreational Day'
Pakistan Observer
Islamabad—Islamic Relief here Sunday organized a "Children's Recreational Day" as part of its efforts to raise awareness about child-related issues and child rights in Pakistan as well as to provide some child-friendly space for poor orphaned ...
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Islamic finance continues to evolve in East Africa
CPI Financial
Amana Bank, Tanzania's first fully Shari'ah-compliant bank, was launched on 24 November in Dar es Salaam; the latest of a long line of developments for Islamic finance in East Africa. Chairman of the Board of Directors for Amana Bank, Haroon Pirmohamed ...
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Let Tripoli Try Saif al-Islam
Pakistan Observer
But his son Saif al-Islam has been captured, and will face trial. The only question is where: in Libya, or at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The ICC established its claim to hold the trial when it issued arrest warrants in June against ...
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Honour killings have no place in Islam: Ottawa imam
National Post
By Mohammed Adam OTTAWA — The imam of the Ottawa Mosque has condemned so-called honour killing, saying the practice speaks to a perverse sense of honour that is alien to Islam, and has no place in society. Samy Metwally said Friday that it doesn't ...
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National Post
It's Not Workplace Violence, It's Islam
FrontPage Magazine
Nidal Hasan – who had apparently been taking Islamic training from gentle Muslim terrorist preacher Anwar al-Awlaki – picked up a handgun and proceeded to murder 12 soldiers (one pregnant) and one Army civilian employee; another 29 were injured. ...
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FrontPage Magazine
Lowe's cancels ads on Muslim-American TV show...Suspected gunman's parents ...
9&10 News
The move comes after an evangelical Christian group, the Florida Family Association, complained that "All-American Muslim" is propaganda that hides what it says is Islam's "clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values. ...
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Nazi Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi
FrontPage Magazine
In a December 8, 2011 puff piece on Qaradawi, the Financial Times fawned all over him as a moderate Muslim thinker who seeks to reconcile Islam with modern day democracy. The article opined that Qaradawi's "pragmatic views on Islam and democracy could ...
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Frontier Post :: District News :: Christian embraces Islam
By shimran
FAISALABAD (APP): A Christian youth embraced Islam at the hand of Mufti Muhammad Bux of Jamia Rizvia Mazhar-e-Islam Jhang Bazaar on Sunday.According to family sources, Christian youth Shehzad Maseih of Asim Colony went to ...
Frontier Post
Ynet News: Hamas Joins Worldwide Muslim Brotherhood - BizzyBlog
By TBlumer
A senior Hamas source told the London-based Arabic-language al-Hayat newspaper on Saturday that the Palestinian organization has joined the global movement of the Muslim Brotherhood. According to the source, the move took place as ...

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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Does ...
Commonly people think that adoption is not allowed in the Islam. However, the reality is that the thing Islam preaches is superior to what people think about it.

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