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Islam will protect America!
When the Obama administration yielded to the outcries of Muslim-American citizens and Islamic organizations recently with the removal of FBI training manuals containing certain anti-terror material deemed "offensive," the President was either ignorant ...
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Moderate Islam, Pop Culture, and the 'All-American Muslim' Boycott
So when a show like 'All-American Muslim' hits television screens, the idea is basically to normalize and mainstream moderate Islam – a brand of Islam that the previous president talked about quite a bit, actually, when urging Americans to be tolerant ...
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Islam (and Conflict) in Class
Inside Higher Ed
All that changed in November, when two Muslim students decided to challenge the way he taught the Islam section of the course. The students disrupted his class and then walked out Nov. 8. Derengowski, an adjunct professor, filed a report with campus ...
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Mixed reaction from Calgary's Islamic community at niqab ruling
Calgary Herald
"It was really depressing to hear this news," said Tariq, president of the Islamic Association of Canadian Women. "If a woman wants citizenship she must take off her niqab - but if she takes off her niqab, she is violating her (beliefs). ...
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One Man's Passion Births Islamic Museum
Voice of America
December 13, 2011 One Man's Passion Births Islamic Museum David Byrd Washington DC's Mall is the home of many of the city's finest museums, housing works of the masters at the National Museum of Art, historic aircraft at the Air and Space Museum and ...
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Islamic World Tells Clinton: Defamation of Islam Must be Prevented -- in America
American Thinker
By Clare M. Lopez As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomes Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu to Washington this week, it is critical that Americans pay attention to what these two leaders ...
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Egypt: Islamists vs. Islamists
Huffington Post
The Muslim Brotherhood, who received about 36 percent of the vote, will soon confront the Salafis, who earned more than 20 percent of the vote and are introducing a more fundamentalist tone to the new arena of political Islam in Egypt. ...
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Egypt's Salafis Shun Extremist Label as Vote Enters Second Round
Salafis follow a strict interpretation of Islam, often emulating what they consider to be the practices of the earliest Muslims. Unlike the Brotherhood, Salafis largely stayed away from politics under Mubarak. Instead, they spread their ideology ...
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Harvard Sells Out Free Speech to Islamic Supremacism
Human Events
Neither Eck nor Kelly nor anyone else, however, bothered to mention that Swamy's piece was called "How to wipe out Islamic terror," and that it was written in the context of the Islamic jihad against India. I ran it on my website here ...
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Human Events
Okay, I confess, we ARE trying to take over the world
Patheos (blog)
Once again Islam is in the news as a major kerfluffle is underway due to Lowe's decision to pull advertising from the TLC reality show "All-American Muslim". Islamophobes opine about creeping sharia law, while Muslims try to reassure them that, no, ...
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Canadian Muslim leaders speak out against violence towards ...
By Euro-Islam
News Agencies – December 5, 2011. A broad coalition of Muslim leaders, some of them shaken by allegations emanating from the Shafia family murder trial, have seized on the Dec. 6 anniversary of the killings at Montreal's École ...
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TN NEWSPAPER: "Local Muslim Spokesman Balances Medicine ...
TN NEWSPAPER: "Local Muslim Spokesman Balances Medicine, Religion & Family". by Managing Editor on Dec 12, 2011 • 9:59 am No Comments. From The ...
IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Demand ...
By MUSHTAK PARKER & In these volatile times managing global political risks is a major challenge for investors and financiers alike. As the global (more)

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