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Omanis invited for Islamic finance studies in Malaysia
Times of Oman
MUSCAT: Islamic institutions worldwide need to adopt global standards and best practices, which will help in disseminating best frameworks for individual countries. Delivering a keynote address at the opening session of the Oman Islamic Economic ...
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Times of Oman
Bank Islam Working Towards Third IPO, Says MD
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 (Bernama) -- Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd is working towards its third initial public offer (IPO) in sync with efforts to increase its non-fund based income. Managing Director Datuk Seri Zukri Samat said the bank completed listing of ...
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The Jewish war on Islam in Palestine
... of mosques in order to protect them from Jewish terror. Crying out for help won't help very much. We have to do our own duty first and none would blame us for doing what anyone else would if they were in our shoes. The Jewish war on Islam in Palestine.
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Kashmir Clergy's New Mantra: 'New Year Celebs Un-Islamic'
Kashmir Observer
Srinagar, Dec 17: Kashmir's leading clergy on Saturday declared New Year's celebrations 'un-Islamic,' forbidding Muslims from joining such functions. "Holding functions with respect to New Year's Day is un-Islamic. Muslims should expressly refrain from ...
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Do Islam and democracy go together?
"The question needs to be asked: What is Islam? The Islam of Turkey is not the Islam of North Africa, which is more heterogeneous. In Cairo, I met the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. I also met the imam of Al-Azhar University, who impressed me very ...
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'All American Muslim' Celebrates All American Values
Huffington Post
And there's no doubt a good deal of the rhetoric surrounding the controversy crossed the line from antipathy toward mosques to hateful comments about American Muslims and the religion of Islam itself. Ignorant and inaccurate diatribes about Muslims and ...
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'All-American Muslim' ad controversy draws 100-plus demonstrators in Allen Park
Detroit Free Press
Some agreed with the FFA's complaint regarding the portrayal of Islam on the show. "They were selective in picking the families to portray the all-American Muslim," said Lisa Moore of Lincoln Park, in attendance with her son, Matt Moore, 26, ...
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US Muslims Celebrate Prophet Jesus Xmas
CAIRO – As the Christmas season approaches, US Muslims are decorating their homes for the special ceremony seen as an opportunity to teach kids about the role of Prophet Jesus in Islam as well as helping them feel included in the society. ...
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Gingrich, Gerson, and The Sharia
Right Side News
The counterfactual basis for Mr. Gerson's diatribe is his own thoroughly deficient understanding of Islam's religio-political code for personal, societal, and Muslim state behavior. He glibly—and wrongly—imputes unique Western notions of individual ...
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IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Muslim ...
15 December 2011 The Muslim World League (MWL) issued on Thursday a code of honor for media institutions and journalists in the M (more)
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