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Egypt's liberals regroup as Islamists gain in election
Washington Post
CAIRO — In Egypt's first election since the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak, Islamists so far have outperformed their more liberal competitors, a sign that Egypt may be in for a dramatic shift in its religious tenor. Preliminary results leaked to ...
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McGuinty won't commit to leading the Liberals in next election
Toronto Star
In an interview with the Star on Thursday, his 15th anniversary as Ontario Liberal leader, McGuinty said he appreciates the "learning curve" of a minority in the House. With the heightened awareness that comes from a near-death experience — narrowly ...
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Mack warns 'loony liberals' at the gates of his Cape Coral office
Palm Beach Post
by John Kennedy | December 1st, 2011 Launching his campaign by deriding rival Bill Nelson as one of President Obama's "lockstep liberals," Republican US Senate contender Connie Mack is expecting to be picketed by what his office staff called "loony ...
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Kenney fires back, accusing Liberals of stuffing refugee board with supporters
Ottawa Citizen
By Don Butler, The Ottawa Citizen December 1, 2011 8:06 PM Under renewed opposition attack for making partisan appointments to the Immigration and Review Board, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney fired back Thursday, accusing the Liberals of stuffing ...
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Why liberals aid the 1 percent
It's not just the ideologically rigid Republicans that we read about every day, but the active participation of liberal Democrats who know what side of their bread the butter can be found. Joining Ackerman in his letter was Michael E. McMahon, ...
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Liberals Thwart Democracy
View Magazine
by Willy Noiles Despite the references to playing nice with the Opposition in last Tuesday's Throne Speech the Liberals had all but showered ice on the idea within two days when Finance Minister Dwight Duncan effectively killed a private member's bill ...
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Pepper Spray, the Scent of Liberalism!
Power Line (blog)
These days, wherever liberals gather, the smell of pepper spray is in the air. The stories cascade on a daily basis; these are just two. I wrote here about the Left's bizarre attack on the American Legislative Exchange Council ("ALEC"), ...
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Power Line (blog)
Liberals' attempt to shift financial blame comes up short
Vancouver Sun
29 The BC Liberals were re-elected in 2009 largely on the premise (if not promise) that they were the better manager of the province's finances. A little more than two years later, Finance Minister Kevin Falcon reports an expected deficit of $3.1 ...
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OUR VIEW: Liberals need to be clear on DUI laws
Sigurdson's finding is dead-on and follows in much criticism when the BC Liberals introduced the new penalties that have indeed infringed on Charter rights. While Sigurdson found permissible the tougher penalties connected to blood-alcohol content in ...
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After the Election: Islamists, the Military and Liberals All Vie for ...
By Tony Karon
The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's political mainstream, and its most significant challengers are the more extreme Islamists of the Salafi movement rather than the secular liberal forces that dominate the Tahrir Square protest movement.
Global Spin
Is Herman Cain the New Sarah Palin? | RedState
By Nikitas3 (Diary)
Liberals are psychologically insecure people who suffer from innate self-doubt and self-hatred. So they compensate by constantly setting up conservative/Republican bogeymen to attack in order to keep their ignorant political base – and ...
L'Osservatore Romano: article about acceptance of Vatican II aimed ...
By (Fr. John Zuhlsdorf)
I am sure that, given some stories going around that the SSPX might refuse the CDF's "Doctrinal Preamble", there should be an article in L'Osservatore Romano (on the site in English, Spanish, French, German, Portughese and, of course, ...
Fr. Z's Blog - What Does The...

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Are Liberals Really Abandoning Obama? | Demos
Almost two weeks ago, New York Magazine published Jonathan Chait's "When Did Liberals Become So Unreasonable?" in which he described liberal ...

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