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Charest Liberals get a boost with Quebec byelection win
National Post
Liberal Damien Arsenault took the lead in the Bonaventure byelection from the start of counting ballots Monday night and didn't look back, maintaining a share near 50%, at times nudging 60% of the votes cast. The outcome gives a boost to Premier Jean ...
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National Post
Turnbull joins Liberals push to allow conscience vote on same-sex marriage
The Australian
Malcolm Turnbull is the latest MP to join a number of Liberals lobbying Tony Abbott to allow a conscience vote on same-sex marriage. Picture: Ray Strange Source: The Daily Telegraph LIBERAL MPs have been lobbying Tony Abbott in private for two months ...
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Liberals' green energy strategy blasted by auditor
Toronto Star
Auditor General of Ontario, Jim McCarter, says the Liberal government's haste in moving forward with green energy projects will cost ratepayers more money in the long run. Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals' fast tracking of green energy projects will ...
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Fox Business: Are Muppets (and liberals) brainwashing kids? [Video]
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Are the Muppets and Hollywood trying to brainwash children into following a liberal agenda? That's what Fox Business host Eric Bolling suggested Friday during his program, "Follow the Money" on Fox Business. The source of Bolling's irritation was the ...
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Canadarm for Liberal leader!
Ottawa Citizen
By Gerry Nicholls, The Ottawa Citizen December 5, 2011 If the federal Liberals hope to regain their former political glory they can't pick a run-of-the mill, boring politician as their next leader. They really need to think "outside the box" and select ...
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China envy, or how the progressives dusted off the idea of 'liberal fascism'
Baltimore Sun
In 2008, I wrote a book called "Liberal Fascism." That title came from HG Wells, one of the most important socialist writers in the English language. He believed, as did his fellow Fabian socialists, that Western democratic capitalism had outlived its ...
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Commentary: Liberals, Alley Cats and Self-Abuse
WGMD Radio
This week it has come to my attention liberals don't like me. The same could be said of the crustaceans I ate one day last week but crustaceans really don't have the brain functions for such decisions. Liberals look human so we might deduce they ...
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Minor liberal parties launch coalition
Korea Times
By Chung Min-uck Leaders of three minor liberal parties Monday announced the creation of a new liberal party named "Unified Progressive Party" with the goal of increasing their clout ahead of the general elections next April. The merged parties are the ...
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Korea Times
Tunisian liberals, Islamists face off on campus
Fresh clashes between Islamists and other students over the niqab lead to a strike at Manouba University. By Houda Trabelsi for Magharebia in Tunis – 05/12/11 [Houda Trabelsi] A student holds an anti-violence sign at a protest this week in Tunis. ...
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Big Liberal Media's Super Secret Agenda (blog)
I always find it funny when people talk about a big giant liberal conspiracy in the media. I also find it very ridiculous when conservatives in the media talk about it because they should know better. Trust me on this. We do not coordinate at all and ...
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Fox Business: Are Muppets (and liberals) brainwashing kids? [Video ...
By pdayla
The Muppets are brainwashing young children into hating corporations and rich people according "Follow the Money" on Fox Business. A recent segment on the show discussed how shows like "The Muppets" are teaching our children about ...
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Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Egypt's ElBaradei: Liberals ...
The Salafi Party are the ones who aren't afraid to admit they are extremists. We'll compare them to the totalitarian Communists. They'll have to attack someone eventually. The Socialist economic model doesn't work and they'll soon be out of ...
Weasel Zippers

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For Liberals: An Academic Candy Coating for theBitter Pill of God ...
For Liberals: An Academic Candy Coating for the. Bitter Pill of God. 01 December 2011. Amy Levin: Those who find religion scholars to be an insular grouping of ...

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