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It's bonkers to claim 'The Muppets' is liberal brainwashing
Chicago Sun-Times
"Liberal Hollywood depicting a businessman as evil, that's not new," said Bolling "Dan, let's point this out, this oil muppet, evil man that he is, is called Tex Richman." Gainor: "Yeah, it's amazing how far the left will go to just to stoop, ...
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Rae not angling for permanent Liberal leadership
OTTAWA — Bob Rae says he enjoys being interim leader of the federal Liberals but that doesn't mean he's angling for the job permanently. While he did not absolutely rule out a run for the permanent job, Rae took pains Tuesday in a year-end interview ...
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Liberals victorious in Bonaventure
Montreal Gazette
By KEVIN DOUGHERTY, Gazette Quebec Bureau December 6, 2011 Liberal Damien Arsenault took the lead in the Bonaventure byelection from the start of counting ballots Monday night and didn't look back, maintaining a share near 50 per cent, at times nudging ...
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Liberals creating jobs
Grand River Sachem
By Greg Crone, Caledonia Ontario Liberal candidate in the 2011 election. The Ontario Liberal government is keeping the focus squarely on job creation and improving our education system, which is the basis for a strong economy. Premier Dalton McGuinty ...
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Top TV picks: Liberals vs. conservatives
Washington Post
TOP LIBERAL DEMOCRAT SHOWS 1. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central) 2. The Colbert Report (Comedy Central) 3. Masterpiece (PBS) 4. 30 Rock (NBC) 5. Parks and Recreation (NBC) 6. The View (ABC) 7. Glee (Fox) 8. Modern Family (ABC) 9. ...
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Liberals push rent-hike cap of 2.5 per cent
Toronto Star
Opposition parties quickly attacked the bill, promised by Ontario's minority Liberal government in the fall election campaign, saying it would do nothing to increase the stock of affordable housing. Housing Minister Kathleen Wynne said new guidelines ...
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Liberal support drops to 13 per cent
Support for Newfoundland and Labrador's struggling Liberal party has gone from bad to worse, while the governing PCs and upstart NDP have made gains, a poll released Tuesday shows. Halifax-based Corporate Research Associates reported Tuesday that its ...
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Liberals rear up over disability scheme
The Canberra Times
BY EMMA MACDONALD Opposition disabilities spokesman Mitch Fifield yesterday abandoned his ''bipartisan'' support of the Government's National Disability Insurance Scheme to warn that Labor rhetoric is far outweighing its financial commitment to the ...
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Stephen Harper: True Conservative or Liberal in a Tory cloak?
Vancouver Sun
Clarkson, a political scientist at University of Toronto, has written several books on the federal Liberals. He's the one-time husband of former governor-general Adrienne Clarkson. Flanagan is a political scientist at the University of Calgary and ran ...
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Brutally Honest: Catholics are the "true liberals"
By Rick aka Mr. Brutally Honest
Peter Kreeft, Catholic author and Boston College professor of philosophy, has some most interesting and relevant things to say as to Catholic life and culture: Kreeft is a strong defender of the Catholic Church against what some people call ...
Brutally Honest
The PJ Tatler » Researchers Discover that Liberals Fall for Flowery ...
By Bryan Preston
UPI: Researchers Discover that Liberals Fall for Flowery Words. On Potato Chip Bags. "The red-state and blue-state models of our nation are written on the back of every bag of potato chips," said Dan Jurafsky, a linguist who studied the ...
The PJ Tatler
DEBATE: Rush Limbaugh Says Tim Tebow's 'Love of Jesus Christ ...
By The Five
On his radio show Monday, Rush Limbaugh weighed in on what many are calling 'the war' on quarterback Tim Tebow. Limbaugh told listeners that the reason the athlete gets so much grief by the liberal media is because of fear. "We don't ...
Fox News Insider
The Muppets Are BRAINWASHING Our Children To Be Simpering ...
By Mof Gimmers
Look. Look at those Muppet swine. Legless, non-blinking, fix-faced idiots. They are responsible for the moral decay of the entire world, thanks mostly to everyone being despairingly angry about the existence of Muppet Babies.

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Liberals and Fraud | Mother Jones
If anything, liberals who support these programs ought to be more concerned about rooting out fraud and improving efficiency than conservatives, who'd be just ...
What Liberals Can Learn From Emile Durkheim | Why We Reason
Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist and author of the best-selling book The Happiness Hypothesis, in his office at New ...

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