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Liberal proposal would give caregivers unpaid leave
TORONTO — Ontario's minority Liberals used the last day in the legislature before a long winter break to introduce a bill that would fulfil yet another election promise. The legislation aims to expand a program that provides up to eight weeks of ...
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Amr Hamzawy: Egypt's liberal star
Amr Hamzawy, a leading Egyptian liberal, withstood an Islamist landslide in Egypt's election to emerge as a leading light for the movement. The 44-year-old academic stood for parliament from the wealthy Cairo district of Heliopolis where he trounced ...
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Engage voters or die penniless, presidential hopeful tells Liberals
Globe and Mail
If Mike Crawley has learned one thing as he's travelled the country campaigning for president of the third party in Parliament it's that Liberals don't want to talk about leadership. "There is zero appetite for discussion about leadership right now," ...
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Globe and Mail
Reshuffle sparks South Australian Liberal leadership talk
The Australian
FORMER South Australian opposition leader Martin Hamilton-Smith, deposed in 2009 for Isobel Redmond, has not ruled out using his promotion to the health portfolio as a springboard for another tilt at the Liberal leadership. ...
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Liberals to rethink reduction target
The Canberra Times
BY EWA KRETOWICZ ACT Liberal leader Zed Seselja has flagged a possible backflip on the party's greenhouse gas emissions reduction target. The Opposition took a policy of a 30 per cent reduction on 1990 levels to the 2008 election. ...
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Liberals set to replace G20 'secret law'
Toronto Star
Community Safety Minister Madeleine Meilleur said Thursday the bill is a top priority and she is hopeful the minority Liberals can gain support from the Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats when it is introduced in the parliamentary session that ...
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Secular, Liberal Egypt: We Hardly Knew Ya
FrontPage Magazine
Back in spring, the leading experts — from the Obama administration to the neoconservatives on the right to the major liberal media to most of the academic area specialists — were all overwhelmingly predicting that all those great secular, liberal, ...
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Ann Coulter On 'A List: Dallas': Liberals Would Abort Gay Babies (VIDEO)
Huffington Post
In her appearance on Logo's "A List: Dallas," the conservative pundit told gay Republican cast member Taylor Garrett that it was in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community's best interests to be pro-life as "liberal yuppies" will ...
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Liberal arts experience requires change
Truman Index
5, University President Troy Paino called for a University-wide lecture series to reflect on the modern value of a liberal-arts education. The Truman as we know it now is in its mid-20s and has begun asking the same quarter-life-crisis question we ...
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New York Media List Of Favorite Television Shows Liberal Bias
New York Observer
That's okay, it's still interesting to read up on the Experian-Simmons survey that measured consumer's TV preferences against their political ideology and then spat out a bunch of shows that determine how liberal or conservative you are. ...
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Michael Moore Wants Some Actual Hollywood Liberals in Office ...
By Matthew Fleischer
Michael Moore Wants Some Actual Hollywood Liberals in Office.
Egyptian Election Results: Panic Time for "Arabist" Liberals ...
By Carl Scott
Egyptian Election Results: Panic Time for "Arabist" Liberals? Thursday, December 8, 2011, 11:23 AM. Carl Scott. The Arabist is a good site for monitoring what's happening Egypt-wise. It's run by a set of smart analysts, who in American terms, ...
Postmodern Conservative
The Problem With Liberals : Conservative Compendium
By Brian Garst
The Problem With Liberals. The problem with liberals is that they demand regulation of everything, but then they get pissed off at the people following those regulations, but not the ones making them, for inconveniencing them. Facebook ...
Conservative Compendium
Carlo Strenger: Orthodox Anti-Semitism Directed at Israel's Liberals
By Carlo Strenger
Israel's liberals are cast as the "Jewish villains." Overly cerebral, they bow to the "laws of the gentiles."
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TV Hits For Liberals, Conservatives - US News and World Report
The annual TV survey from Experian-Simmons is out and it shows a pretty deep divide between liberals and conservatives. The bottom line: Liberals seek a racy ...

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