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Hallelujah! The liberal case for Tim Tebow
(Another word for such people: "liberals.") And then there's the take of Chuck Klosterman — author of "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" and our culture's leading authority on the history and meaning of MTV's pioneering "Real World" series. ...
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Cohn: Liberals need to cosy up to NDP to survive
Toronto Star
By Martin Regg Cohn Queen's Park Columnist I've done the math: 66 days since the Oct. 6 election. That means we're two-thirds of the way towards that magic milestone — our first 100 days in power. What do we have to show for it? The optics are good. ...
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Ont. NDP, Tories complain Liberals won't co-operate
The failure to set up committees came as the legislature wrapped a three-week session with only one bill passed: the Liberal government's throne speech. "It was a lame duck session when it comes to addressing the jobs crisis and the debt crisis," ...
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Young Liberals to debate policies
The Canberra Times
BY MICHAEL INMAN DUMPING our biggest trading partner, prohibiting abortion and increasing the age of pornography consumption to 21 will be debated at the ACT Young Liberals policy meeting this week. Nuclear power, opposing cuts to the public service ...
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BC NDP Leader vows moderate, incremental approach if elected premier
Globe and Mail
BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix, looking to the 2013 provincial election, says he will fight governing BC Liberals for power in every riding, making the case for an NDP government with a no-surprises platform. In a boisterous hour-long speech to the party's ...
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Globe and Mail
UK Liberal Democrats welcome new Gibraltar government
Gibraltar Chronicle
Simon Hughes MP, President of the British Group of Liberal International and deputy leader of the UK Liberal Democrats was one of the first yesterday to congratulate the new government on its success in the Gibraltar general election. ...
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Reports not favourable to Dalton McGuinty's Liberals
Toronto Sun
By John Snobelen ,Toronto Sun Over the last couple of weeks we have been blessed with reports from the Environment Commissioner and the Auditor General. Next month we will get a look at the Drummond report on government spending. ...
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Focus on jobs has helped Ontario's green energy plan survive economic hardships
Winnipeg Free Press
The focus on green energy has come at a political cost, with the Liberals losing their majority mandate after this fall's election. That result ushered in a precarious new term that some worry could lead to an overhaul of the green plans if the Liberal ...
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Liberals and Democrats Revel in Salafist Electoral Defeats
Egyptian liberals breathed a sigh of relief upon the ouster of Salafist figures in the runoffs in the first round of parliamentary elections. After lamenting an ...
Video: Why Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals? | Watch PBS ...
How do feelings about ideology and economic inequality affect a person's happiness? As part ...

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