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Liberals Love the 1%
Wall Street Journal
Once again the lesson is that high tax rates fail to raise the revenue that liberals claim, not least because liberal politicians follow their tax increases by passing out favors to the rich and powerful. The same will happen in Washington if President ...
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Liberal insanity on light bulbs
Washington Examiner (blog)
Some liberals think this GOP move is atrocious, but their arguments are so flimsy that the liberals oscillate between name-calling and obfuscating. Ground zero of liberal light-bulb insanity is this post at Climate Progress, a blog of the Center for ...
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Washington Examiner (blog)
Liberal Leader Raj Sherman looking for a Prairie miracle
Calgary Herald
By Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald December 19, 2011 Alberta Liberal Leader Dr. Raj Sherman says an amendment made to proposed legislation to allow the Health Quality Council of Alberta to hold a judicial inquiry is irrelevant. Liberal Leader Raj Sherman ...
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Liberals' leftward drift could open big doors for Red Tories
Edmonton Journal
As we look at the political year just passed and the one yet to come, one question floats to the fore, it seems to me: Where does mainstream Canada go if the Liberals continue to fumble and fade - or if they and the New Democrats merge into a new party ...
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Four independent MNAs join Legault's Coalition
Globe and Mail
After François Legault doubled the size of his caucus on Monday, with the addition of four independent MNAs to his newly formed Coalition-Avenir-Québec, the party leader called on disgruntled Liberals to also jump on board. The four independents – two ...
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Globe and Mail
Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan: Liberals know the way forward
National Post (blog)
It is ironic for him to write of a spending problem when his own election platform adopted the same basic fiscal plan used by the Ontario Liberal Party. He promised to balance the budget by 2017-18, the same year that we project. ...
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Nick Clegg can only deliver on this rhetoric with Labour
The Guardian (blog)
It was values such as these, and the inability of government to take on vested interests, that led other left-liberals like myself to support Clegg before the general election. Many of those have, for understandable reasons, gone back to Labour, ...
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The Guardian (blog)
Clegg vows to win 'fight' over House of Lords changes
BBC News
In a wide-ranging speech, he said that political reform was a key facet of the "open society" he and other liberals wanted, alongside more social mobility and fairer wealth distribution. He also made clear his opposition to tax breaks for married ...
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BBC News
State Of The Liberal Party
Oye! Times
With the fall sitting of Parliament behind us- the first since the Conservatives won their majority- perhaps a good time to analyze where the Liberals sit, now that the election rejection dust has settled. If I could choose one word to describe the ...
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Liberals, Like Fish, Are All Wet
Patriot Post
By Burt Prelutsky (Archive) · Monday, December 19, 2011 One of the many things that make liberals so obnoxious is their hypocrisy. For instance, when campaigning against Christmas symbols, they make a mantra of "separation of church and state," ...
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Anti-Gay Pastor Worried That Liberals Want To Destroy Marriage ...
By Alan
Jim Garlow, a right-wing evangelical who supported California's Proposition 8, sent an email to his followers accusing President Obama and liberals of "destroying the definition of marriage," and urging them to get behind the Gingrich ...
Alan Colmes' Liberaland
What should liberals be trying to accomplish? by - Hullabaloo
By thereisnospoon
What should liberals be trying to accomplish? by David Atkins For all his inane and sophomoric blather, Thomas Friedman is right about one thing: globalization has changed the face of the world economy in a profound way. Almost any job ...

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