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From Occupy to Progressive Renewal: Demanding the Just Society
Huffington Post (blog)
To regain the political initiative, however, progressives must reignite the broader demand for a just society. Deep popular discontent, symbolized by the growing protests, represents an unparalleled opportunity for progressive renewal. ...
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Progressives fall for siren songs
The Daily Cougar
Everything mentioned above is a scheme that has been highly criticized by free-market Conservatives and Libertarians, yet tirelessly advocated for by Progressives and Interventionists who scream that the sky is falling when it is suggested that such ...
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Progressivism is mainstream Americanism
Letter-writer Charles Davis' invidious accusation that the Progressive movement and its advocated reforms are "antithetical to the values and morals" of Americans is false ["'1 Percent' Who Vex Me Aren'T Financiers," Nov. 22]. That great Republican and ...
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Kiss will not seek another term as Burlington mayor
"Many Progressives have felt that the relationship broke down a long time ago. How can you support the mayor's role in the party when it's dysfunctional?" Kiss responded in an interview Wednesday with the Burlington Free Press. ...
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An Unusual Platform Surfaces From Rare Republican Candidate
"Those 105 members of the Progressive Caucus aren't controlling the (national) debate. They aren't reaching down to see that the resources they control are getting down to the people in need." Some might argue Ellison and other progressives, ...
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Obama's War Record Should Appall Progressives
MWC News
It's something in the so-called liberal, or progressive, psyche. ("Liberalism" originally meant a philosophy of maximum individual freedom, free markets, and minimum government, not today's support for intrusive, comprehensive bureaucratic management.) ...
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MWC News
Burlington Progs: Relationship with Kiss 'dysfunctional'
vt.Buzz (blog)
He did not contact us to let us know either way," Progressive Party Chairwoman Abby Russell said. He hadn't, she said, responded to Progs in recent time. "Our efforts were not reciprocated. Many Progressives have felt that the relationship broke down a ...
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Equality doesn't always mean redistribution
The Economist (blog)
And one might assume that this is because of more progressive levels of taxation and redistribution. This is where things get interesting. The Netherlands is one of those countries progressives often cite as a model in this respect. ...
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Hollywood Studios Accused of Pushing Liberal Agenda Through Children's Films
Hollywood Reporter
The US military and Christianity are also favorite targets for progressives who make family movies, wrote Christian Toto at Human Events, citing, among others, DreamWorks Animation's Monsters vs. Aliens and its character dubbed Gen. WR Monger. ...
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Hollywood Reporter

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Obama's War Record Should Appall Progressives by Sheldon ...
By (Sheldon Richman)
'Why are liberals so desperately unhappy with the Obama presidency?' asks New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait, a self-proclaimed 'Obama apologist.'
The Future of Freedom Foundation

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