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Progressives and the Unemployed Storm the Hill
National Journal
By Andrew Joseph Tapping into the Occupy movement's "We are the 99%" mantra, progressive groups are in the midst of leading a "Take Back the Capitol" week with an anticipated 3000 unemployed workers set to push lawmakers to extend unemployment benefits ...
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Mission impossible for Pakistani progressives?
Emirates 24/7
The small but enthusiastic group of "progressive" Muslims arrives at a hotel conference room in Pakistan's capital with the tools they hope will help blunt extremism in the unstable US ally. The Khudi organisation -- self-esteem in Urdu -- does not ...
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Progressives Debate Sales Tax
That rebate, known as the Working Families Tax Credit, is aimed at addressing concerns from progressive legislators and groups that the sales tax is regressive—that is, that it disproportionately impacts the poor. In this week's ThinkTank, Lori ...
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What's Progressive About Camping in Public Places?
Beyond Chron
But after the camping strategy got Occupy on the national map, what is progressive or strategically savvy about insisting on permanent campgrounds in public spaces? It's not as if camping is necessary to remind people about the federal government's ...
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Beyond Chron
Is Newt Gingrich Really a Right-Wing Progressive?
Opposing Views
The only reason I remember it is because I was so surprised, and appalled, at the theme: that to solve modern problems we should emulate the early 20th century Progressives, who combined opposition to socialism with support for a "can do" government ...
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Opposing Views
Barney Frank retires, leaving a strong progressive legacy
People's World
Liberals, labor and progressives mourned while Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief when Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., announced his retirement Nov. 28 after 30 years in office. "This country has never had a Congressman like Barney Frank, and the House ...
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People's World
Clear Channel to Replace Green960, San Francisco's Only AM Progressive Talk ...
The only progressive AM radio talk station, Green960-KKGN, in one of the nation's most liberal cities, San Francisco, is being taken off the AM dial by radio behemoth Clear Channel Communications, Inc. --- a media conglomerate now owned by Mitt ...
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Both Obama, Gingrich Show Teddy Roosevelt Some Love
Investor's Business Daily
But his progressive legacy isn't one of them. Progressives laud TR's "trust-busting," excessive regulation of the economy, trashing of the Constitution and expansion of presidential power as progressive virtues. As a matter of fact, the Progressive ...
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The Roosevelt Obama should embrace
In addition to reviving "progressivism," the neoliberal strategists and spin doctors have tried to identify contemporary Democrats with turn-of-the-century progressives like Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Never mind that those two presidents ...
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Taxing the 1% in 2012: Why Not Reform Prop 13? - Dec 06
Beyond Chron
06‚ 2011 The Occupy movement has given progressives an incredible opportunity to focus public attention on Wall Street greed and income inequality. Today, activists have launched a national Occupy Our Homes campaign to re-take foreclosed houses. ...
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Beyond Chron

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Commonsense & Wonder: The Progressives will be outraged. Are ...
By jerry
France's parliament is to debate abolishing prostitution through a crackdown which would criminalise payment for sex. The National Assembly will vote on a symbolic resolution drafted by a cross-party commission which, if successful, will be ...
Commonsense & Wonder
Let's just call is settled and let the socialists, Democrats ...
By Steve MacDonald
Let's just call is settled and let the socialists, Democrats, progressives, environmentalists, militant vegans, Unions, anti-gunners, Hollywood liberals, globalists, left wing gay lobby, socialist medicine advocates, class warfare troops, and any ...

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