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Obama-esque progressivism the root of the problem
UI The Daily Iowan
For a while, yes, but then he went on to found the Progressive Party in 1912. (On a side note, Roosevelt is John McCain's favorite president, which is why we would be just as bad off with him as we are with Obama. Newt Gingrich also claims to be a ...
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Progressives split on bag ban, ex-cons
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Malia Cohen, who is not always with the progressives but whose district has the largest number of parolees in the city, supported Mirkarimi. So did Kim, Eric Mar, and David Campos. The swing vote: Sup. John Avalos, the progressive leader in the mayor's ...
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Obama And Teddy Roosevelt: Both Progressives, Both Clueless About The Economy
Theodore Roosevelt was the man who, in 1906, encouraged progressives to promote a federal income tax after it was struck down by the Supreme Court and given up for dead. He declared that "too much cannot be said against the men of great wealth. ...
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Marriage equality supported by progressives
J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
The Union for Progressive Judaism (UPJ) together with the members of the Moetzah, the Rabbinic Council of Progressive Rabbis of Australia, Asia and New Zealand, support marriage equality under Australian law and welcome the decision of the Australian ...
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J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
The left in the states
Politico (blog)
Progressives are now hoping to chip away at conservative dominance at the local governance level with 2012 for 2012, a project by the New Organizing Institute and a coalition of left-of-center groups, including Progressive Majority and Rebuild the ...
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Right-wing listserv targets Israel's critics
This kind of rhetoric has no place in civil dialogue and anyone's politics, but especially among progressives. The organizations who pay the salaries of those using such hate speech, (see below for specific examples), and who have clearly had it ...
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Ruckus in the Ohio Republican Party
Big Government
The COUNTRY needs Conservative Leaders who will ACT and take on this Progressive BS establishment! These tactics by the liberals, socialists, progressives or democRATs (pick your title of them) is to divide the GOP and to dilute the influence of the ...
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Burlington mayor's race turns to trust and skate park funding
30, two-term Progressive Mayor Bob Kiss announced that he won't seek re-election. According to party leaders, he likely would not have won the party's nod anyway. The question that faces Progressives now is whether to field a candidate, especially if ...
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Changing Universities: Progressives Take on The Governor over ...
By Bob Samuels
Progressives Take on The Governor over Taxes. While Governor Jerry Brown's recently proposed tax initiative does seek to provide $6 billion in new revenue for the state, it is being challenged by three other initiatives, but only one is truly ...
Changing Universities
Sen. Sanders: Obama, don't take progressives for granted - The ...
Cenk interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) about whether President Obama can prove himself to progressives before the election.
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