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The Iraq War Is Over... Lesson for Progressives: Yes We Can.
Huffington Post
Most importantly, Progressives - and all of those who fought for a decade to prevent and then to end the Iraq War - should take a moment to celebrate the fact that they have won a critical, historic battle. There is a lot of cynicism in America - a ...
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The Tim Tebow-Hating Rabbi and Progressive Bigotry
Big Government
Writing in this week's issue of the progressive New York Jewish Week, Hammerman has displayed bigotry unworthy of the pulpit. (His article has since been pulled from the website.) A poster boy of the Christian right, Tebow steadfastly thanks Jesus ...
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Progressive's Shares Changing Hands at Higher Prices on 1.5x Above-Average ...
Financial News Network Online
Progressive shares are trading on heavy volume today, having risen 3.6% to $18.64. About 6.6 million shares have been traded today, as compared to the 30-day average volume of 4.5 million shares. Unusually high volume can signify a potential turning ...
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House Progressives Unveil Economic Recovery Plan to Create Over 5 Million Jobs ...
Insurance News Net (press release)
Washington, DC ( December 13, 2011 ) - Today, the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) unveiled the Restore the American Dream for the 99% Act to create more than 5 million jobs and cut more than $2 trillion from the nation's deficit over the next ...
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Envy for the behavior of Progressives
After years of reading Paul Krugman, Eugene Robinson, Rekha Basu, Donald Kaul, Richard Doak, and the letters and articles in The Des Moines Register, I am becoming quite envious of progressives. I, too, want to be able to write about Newt Gingrich's ...
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Meet the New Boss
Seven Days
With the primary behind him, Weinberger knows he'll need the support of Ashe and the Progressives to beat Wright. Upon winning, Weinberger immediately reached out to Ashe during a victory speech at Memorial Auditorium. "I want to thank Tim for a truly ...
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99%er Champions | The Nation
The Nation. (blog)
It's just common sense that progressives who come out of movements have a far better chance of staying connected to the Occupy movement energy and principles than Democrats who don't. Solomon is such a candidate, and there are others. ...
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The Nation. (blog)
The contrived Lowes' 'All American Muslim' controversy
Washington Times
The progressives and the Florida Family Association are in the business of selling agendas. No one is allowed to force them to stop their extremism. They should not force others to bend to extremist positions. This is still a free country. ...
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Washington Times
Clean Energy Military Engagement A Positive Action
by Pete Danko, December 14th, 2011 Progressives have never been very good about admitting – let alone claiming – victory. Ask your average progressive what he thinks of President Obama's law expanding access to good health insurance in the United ...
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Anti-Obamacare Activist Sees The Light, Changes Sides And Apologizes To Obama
If you don't believe it, just ask Spike Dolomite Ward, a California progressive and non-profit activist who campaigned in support of the Obama election effort in 2008 only to turn against the President, as many progressives have done, ...
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Western Progressives use Israel as a Human scarifice › 2.0: The ...
By Rodan
Israel has become the new bogeyman of the Western Left. There is an irrational obsession with in all honestly, a minor country in the global scheme of things. Progressives in the west want to use Israel as a human sacrifice to please Islamic ...
2.0: The Blogmocracy

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Glenn to respond to "big government GOP progressives" on GBTV ...
Glenn came under attack from the progressive wing of the GOP establishment over the ...
What could Glenn never say on cable news? A takedown of the ...
Don't believe that progressives exist on both sides of the aisle? Glenn explains why we "need to get over" the belief that the GOP isn't full of progressives. Glenn ...

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