Monday, December 19, 2011

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POTUS has Coffee with Progressive Media Stars
ABC News (blog)
An all-star list of progressive and liberal media folks came to the White House today to chat with President Obama over coffee in the Roosevelt Room. The group chatted with the president about economic messaging, his agenda for 2012, ...
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What Will the Democratic Left Do in 2012?
Huffington Post (blog)
Many progressives feel a keen sense of disappointment with the Obama administration, which showed a remarkable willingness to capitulate to conservatives when the Democrats controlled congress and even more craven behavior once the Republicans won back ...
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Progressive Comedy And The Dangers Of Superiority
But the presentation raised some interesting questions for me about how best to make arguments through comedy — and whether, as progressives, it makes more sense for us to be rallying the troops internally, or to be working on converting the ...
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Mount Isan Phil Barwick wants to be the city's next mayor
ABC Online (blog)
Phil Barwick from Mount Isa has just announced he'll be running for the United Progressives Association. Listen as he explains his vision for Mount Isa. You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. ...
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The GOP Nominee Is... Obama
Huffington Post (blog)
Maybe -- just maybe -- they know something about Barack Obama that liberals and progressives have missed. Dylan had more than weather on his mind when he wrote, "money doesn't talk, it swears." What's Wall Street's money saying? ...
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Center For American Progress' Anti-Semitism Exposed in Mainstream Media
FrontPage Magazine
Even some progressives are pushing back against such irresponsible conspiracy theorist rhetoric. "There's two explanations here – either the inmates are running the asylum or the Center for American Progress has made a decision to be anti-Israel," said ...
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Other people's freedom
The Christian Century (blog)
Where should religious progressives stand on such questions? I'd argue that they should support significant accommodations for religious beliefs--even those with which they disagree. Let me offer three reasons. 1. The faith commitments of people and ...
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New Fight over Payroll Taxes and Unemployment Proves Republicans Are ...
eNews Park Forest
Progressives at the Campaign for America's Future are telling Americans this latest battle is proof that Congressional Republicans are sabotaging the economic recovery for political gain. eNews Park Forest is an independently owned and operated ...
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Dr. Laurie Roth for President?
He has come against the very history, core, and backbone of our country, surrounded by his progressives and leftists. The far left manages to destroy all the good words that used to have meaning. Have you noticed? Gay is now homosexual, ...
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Robert Cruickshank is Half Right |
By Taylor Marsh
What's needed from movement progressives and Democrats is to Occupy the White House. If the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), see Glenn Greenwald's analysis, didn't prove that to progressives nothing will. ...
Taylor Marsh

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Progressives place nation before politics | progressive, programs ...
Progressives place nation before politics | progressive, programs, liberal, liberals, fund, taxes, conservatives, see, republican, country.

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