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Tea Party welcomes Newt to New York
By Michael Tracey The Staten Island, NY, hotel where Republican presidential front-runner Newt Gingrich appeared on Saturday afternoon for a "Tea Party Town Hall" could hardly have been more nondescript. Nestled deep inside a corporate park somewhere ...
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Tea party growing members in Dan River Region
Even though it has been more than a year since the tea party burst onto the political scene, the Danville Tea Party has not shrunk. It has grown and is home to an eclectic mix of ideas and supporters. The email blasts and alerts sent to Danville Tea ...
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Allen faces revolt from Tea Party voters
Washington Examiner
Republican George Allen, who prides himself in being a strong conservative, is facing fierce opposition from Tea Party activists who are actively pushing alternative candidates in the race for Virginia's open US Senate seat. ...
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Wisconsin Tea Party Groups Solicit Volunteers from Across the Country for ...
Big Government
by Brett Healy We the People of the Republic and The Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty, two of Wisconsin's most prominent 'Tea Party' groups, are organizing an effort to check the validity of all signatures submitted in the ongoing gubernatorial recall. ...
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Payroll tax fight: a win for both Occupy Wall Street & the Tea Party?
Washington Post (blog)
Interestingly, they're also a nod to the populist movements that have emerged on both right and left: Occupy Wall Street's targeting of the rich and the tea party's vilification of the federal government.
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Tea Party group's co-founder calls Cuomo's tax plan 'smoke and mirrors'
One of the co-founders of a major Tea Party group in New York isn't buying into Governor Andrew Cuomo's tax overhaul proposal. Thomas Basile of Tea Party 365, who formerly served as the executive director of the state's Republican Party, ...
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Tea Party can end corruption of political class
Washington Examiner
In 2009, a great middle-class rebellion against the rot of Washington's corrupt political class began - it is called the Tea Party. Every time the corruption of establishment politicians is exposed, every time an establishment politician tries to buy ...
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Bachmann: Tea Party Will 'Come Home'
WISN Milwaukee
"One thing we've seen a lot of is Herman Cain supporters have been calling our office and they've been coming over to our side," Bachmann told CNN's "State of the Union" program, adding "part of that is because people see that I'm the tea party ...
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Tea Party Mayor of Troy, Michigan, apologizes for using gay slur on Facebook
by News Staff Troy, Michigan — Janice Daniels, who was elected mayor of Troy, Mich., on a Tea Party platform last month, is now apologizing for using the word "queers" on her Facebook page. "I think I am going to throw away my I Love New ...
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Tea Party Speaker Says Privatize Public Schools
By Christina Georgiou Bernstein claims there has been a "horrific decline in educational quality since 1850" and posits the public school system should be abolished in favor of private, for-profit educational institutions. ...
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Richmond Tea Party | Richmond's intimidation of tea party deserves ...
By Bob Barr
The city government's blatant double standard should disturb all Americans.
The Daily Caller
Obama Sets Out To Liberate America From The Tea Party's Reign of ...
By Jason Easley
While on MSNBC today, Obama 2012's David Axelrod said an Obama victory would liberate the GOP and by extension America from the tea party's reign of terror.
Connie Lanzisera: Why I joined the Tea Party | Tea Party Patriots
By Steve Davies
The Tea Party Patriots grassroots movement beaconed to me as a lighthouse beacons a ship to safety. It was guiding ordinary Americans back to the tenets of our Constitution. I joined this movement to surround myself with like-minded patriots ...
Tea Party Patriots
The Tea Party's Lessons for #OWS — The Monkey Cage
By vanessaw
As camps around the country face evictions, many are wondering how (or if) the Occupy movement can build on the national media attention the protests have received. Considering the example of the Tea Party may offer some interesting ...
The Monkey Cage
Tea Party vs. the GOP establishment – Begging for a brokered ...
By imperfectamerica (Diary)
For much of the last three years, I, like so many others who were so despondent after the election of 2008, assumed that the election of 2012 was finally going.
imperfectamerica's Diary

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