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Tea party vs. Washington in No. 5 race
If you needed any proof that Tuesday's GOP leadership contest is a proxy battle between the grassroots tea-party movement and the Washington establishment, just look to how freshman Sens. Ron Johnson and Roy Blunt have run their respective campaigns. ...
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Why is the Tea Party backing Gingrich?
United Liberty
The most interesting dynamic in the race for the GOP's nomination for president is Tea Party-minded voters. They switched around from one candidate to the other just as quick as Mitt Romney changes on positions on issues. Frankly, it's irritating given ...
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This May Be the End of Tea Party Solidarity
The Atlantic
When I predicted that Newt Gingrich's rise would be a very bad thing for the Tea Party I was partly imagining an ad like the one above, which runs through the serial hypocrisies of the former House Speaker, and accurately portrays him as a poster-boy ...
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Tea Party Effort to Overturn Dream Act in Home Stretch
Redlands Tea Party Patriots are holding several petition drives to get a measure on the ballot to try and overturn the Dream Act. By Gina Tenorio It can be said that the Redlands Tea Party Patriots' push to repeal the Dream Act is in the home stretch, ...
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Tea Party group blasts Allen on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Augusta Free Press
The Virginia Tea Party Patriots, a coalition of over 40 independent tea party groups in Virginia, issued a press release today challenging George Allen's assertion that he is a Tea Party conservative focusing on the former senator's failure to reform ...
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Augusta Free Press
The Tea Party: Repealing the 17th Amendment to Rescue the Tenth
Legally Easy
Why then are conservative members of the GOP and the Tea Party now campaigning to repeal this amendment? And what impact will this have on the 2012 election season? The foundation of the argument is the much-discussed issue of necessary limits on ...
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Legally Easy
Senate hopeful addresses Danville Tea Party
EW Jackson, a candidate for Jim Webb's US Senate seat, visited Danville on Monday and spoke to Danville Tea Party members in a packed room at Mary's Diner. Jackson, a Republican from Chesapeake, said the country is in deep trouble and he believes he ...
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Grand Forks-area tea party group backs Bachmann for 'Person of the Year'
GRAND FORKS - Members of a Grand Forks-area tea party group recently voted to support giving Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., a national "Person of the Year" award. GRAND FORKS - Members of an area tea party group here recently voted to support giving ...
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Top NH Tea Party leader endorses Romney
The Union Leader
By JOHN DiSTASO MANCHESTER — Leading state Tea Party activist and long-time "ax-the-tax" advocate Tom Thomson has chosen Mitt Romney as his presidential candidate. Thomson, honorary chairman of the conservative Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire ...
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Tea party group compares Obama to a skunk | The Raw Story
By Andrew Jones
One midwestern tea party group thought President Barack Obama merited a comparison to the smelliest animal around. According to CBS affiliate KWCH, the Hutchinson, Kansas based Freedom Alliance has come under some criticism for ...
The Raw Story
Tea Party Group Compares President Obama To A Skunk | Radar ...
An extreme Republican Tea Party group is not backing down from a post on their website in which they compare President Barack Obama with a skunk, saying that it is satire and not offensive. The Patriot Freedom Alliance, the Tea Party ...
Radar Online
Balloon Juice » Kansas Tea Party Group Compares Obama to a ...
One of the "achievements" of the GOP and the Tea Party over the last decade or so is that they have manage to completely 1984-ify the word "Freedom". Whenever you now see an organization that has "Freedom" in its name, you can be ...
Balloon Juice
Tea Party Group Calls 'Half Black, Half White' Obama A Skunk ...
By David Taintor
A Kansas tea party group is saying "pee-eww" to President Obama. Patriot Freedom Alliance, a tea party group in Hutchinson, Kansas, depicted Obama as a "half white, half black" skunk on its website recently.
Friedersdorf: Newt Could Kill Tea Party | Dispatches from the Culture ...
By Ed Brayton
The always thoughtful Conor Friedersdorf argues that if Newt Gingrich gets the Republican presidential nomination, the Tea Party movement could well be.
Dispatches from the Culture Wars

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Kansas tea party illustration draws racism claims - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: A tea party group in Kansas says its depiction of President Barack Obama as a skunk is satire, not racism as the leader of a civil rights group ...

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