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Romney appeals for Tea Party support during trip to South Carolina
By Matt Viser, Globe Staff CHARLESTON, SC – Mitt Romney made a direct appeal today for support from the Tea Party here, and said outright that chief rival Newt Gingrich does not represent the views of a movement that has craved outsiders who will ...
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Tea Party Patriot Thinks Nazis Would Be "Proud" Of Democrats
Queens Congressman Gary Ackerman is demanding that Florida Republican and Tea Party Patriot Rep. Allen West apologize for comparing the Democratic Party to Nazis. "This is exactly the type of rhetoric that turns people off to Washington and getting ...
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Romney: Tea Party Will Come Around
By Adam Crisp CHARLESTON — On a South Carolina tour with tea party darling Gov. Nikki Haley in tow, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said he can work with Democrats in Congress and still appeal to ultra-conservative tea party voters. ...
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Tea Party Express Turns Eyes to Senate - Roll Call Online
San Francisco Luxury News
Dick Lugar has been named a target of the Tea Party Express group. Without a presidential candidate to throw its weight behind, the group is focusing on winning the Senate majority. For the Tea Party Express, next year's election is all about the ...
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Congress Spares Incandescent Bulbs in Victory for U.S. Tea Party
San Francisco Chronicle
17 (Bloomberg) -- Congress spared the 100-watt incandescent light bulb from a government-enforced phaseout in a win for Tea Party activists over manufacturers who said they are already switching to more energy-efficient products. ...
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Updated: 13 SC Tea Party Leaders Blast Bachmann Tactics - Patch
San Francisco Luxury News
In a strongly worded letter issued Friday afternoon, 13 leaders of the SC Tea Party movement accused her of "attacking the tea party movement by accusing tea party supporters of Newt Gingrich of being bought off" and said she has escalated the battle ...
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Mark Meckler, tea party leader, arrested with gun -
San Francisco Luxury News
A prominent tea party leader was charged with a felony Thursday after he took a gun to New York City's LaGuardia Airport and it was discovered during a pre-flight check-in. Mark Meckler, the co-founder of the conservative Tea Party Patriots group, ...
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Rep. Austin Scott's first year reflects Tea Party ties
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Austin Scott's first year in office has been a complicated tenure filled with tea party-galvanized uprisings against the GOP establishment, coupled with a high-profile legislative effort that would seem to favor big business. ...
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Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Ron Paul Wins Cedar Valley Tea Party Presidential Straw Poll
The State Column
2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul won another local tea party presidential straw poll in Iowa tonight, outshining his competitors in a display of growing organizational strength around the state. Paul easily won first place, garnering 37 ...
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The State Column
Mailbag: Tea party and the 'Grinch'
Albany Democrat Herald
The Democrats are cheering on the tea party conservatives into nominating Newt Gingrich for the Republican Party nominee. He is a real "poster boy" for the Republican presidency: Too old, too rotund, too arrogant, too condescending, too many wives, ...
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Romney Declares Himself 'Ideal' Tea Party Candidate - Big ...
By Publius
CHARLESTON, S.C. — Mitt Romney said today he's "the ideal candidate" for the Tea Party movement because his stance on issues lines up "pretty darn well" with the movement he says will soon realize that GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich ...
Big Government
Ann Coulter Claims Tea Party Prefers a GOP Candidate Who Will ...
By Gateway Guest Blogger
guest post by Mike LaRoche. During an interview with Uma Pemmaraju of Fox News, conservative columnist Ann Coulter claimed that the Tea Party has not lined up behind Mitt Romney because they'd prefer someone "who is going to go ...
The Gateway Pundit
Tea Party Express Turns Eyes to Senate : Roll Call Politics
By (Ambreen Ali)
For the Tea Party Express, next year s election is all about the Senate.
Roll Call: Politics
Politico: Tea party sidelined without Palin | Conservatives4Palin
By Stacy Drake
Amy Kremer will be a guest this week on Victory Sessions with Stephen K. Bannon on Sunday 5pm PT KABC.
First Read - Romney says he could be Tea Party's 'Ideal Candidate'
By NBC's Garrett Haake and Ali Weinberg
CHARLESTON, SC—In a state where the Tea Party may hold greater influence than in any other early primary contest, Mitt Romney told reporters in South Carolina today he could be the "ideal" candidate to earn Tea Party support. "I believe ...
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