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US politics live blog: US unemployment figures, Herman Cain accusations
The Guardian (blog)
The president's ramped-up fundraising efforts reflect the changing landscape of money in American politics, especially in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision. Clinton and Bush II didn't have to worry about candidate-specific ...
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The Guardian (blog)
Sex Scandals Mar US Presidential Politics
Voice of America
December 02, 2011 Sex Scandals Mar US Presidential Politics Alex Villarreal | Washington From Presidents Thomas Jefferson to William Jefferson Clinton, sex scandals keep surfacing in American politics. "I told you this bullseye on my back has gotten ...
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Democrats and GOP Seize on Competing Narratives on Jobs
New York Times
In any case, there is no assurance that joblessness will continue to drop, or that the financial crisis in Europe will not derail any hope the White House has of being able to sustain the argument that the worst is behind us. ...
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New York Times
Obama Announces Backing for Energy-Efficiency Initiative
New York Times
"I believe as strongly as I can say that this is good business, creates jobs, makes us more energy independent and helps to fight climate change," Mr. Clinton said. "It's the nearest thing we've got to a free lunch in a tough economy, because all of ...
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White House accuses Senate of 'political micromanagement,' renews veto threat ...
Washington Post
... Senate of "political micromanagement" at the expense of national security after it approved legislation requiring military custody of suspected terrorists, even those captured within the US, and indefinite detention of some without trial. ...
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Harper stresses need for open markets before US trip
Globe and Mail
"It is not in our country's interest that we are a captive supplier of the United States of energy products, especially when we see some of the politics that are going on south of the border." NDP MP Brian Masse says he's concerned that any deal to ...
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Globe and Mail
Russia's Putin: don't make politics a circus
They have all been lying to us," he said after meeting Putin at the 150-year-old shipyard, where some equipment dates back to the 19th century. Medvedev, who is leading the ruling party into Sunday's election and is likely to become premier next year, ...
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'OWS – a megaphone for the people of America'
The discontent with the current economic system in the US is growing as labor unions took to the streets to demand jobs and economic justice. An activist told RT that the Occupy movement is set to become a real force in US politics. ...
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Central American Politics: 31st Anniversary of U.S. Churchwomen ...
By Mike
31st Anniversary of U.S. Churchwomen Murders. On December 2, 1980, four U.S. churchwomen were raped and murdered by allies of the U.S. government in El Salvador. From Scott McCabe of the Washington Examiner. The night before ...
Central American Politics

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U.s. Politics | Edward Hadas
Once upon a time there were 11 prosperous merchants who lived in a land of peace and plenty. They decided to form a league that would work together for ...

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