Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Has Someone Strange Been Calling Your Home?

A very good friend of mine recently began experiencing problems at her home. Usually around three in the morning, she would get a few telephone calls. When she answered her phone, there was either no one there, or someone would make a crude comment and then hang up. The first time she got a call, she woke up paranoid that something had happened to a family member. Why else would she get a phone call in the middle of the night like that, right? A few calls later, she imagined it was some teenagers trying to get a cheap laugh. Then, after a couple of weeks where she got the calls every single night, she began to get worried.

She traced the numbers with her tracing option through the phone company, but they came back as cell phone numbers and there were no names with them. So she had the numbers, but there was no one to point to. She did call the police but they told her that typically, calls like this would go away and that if they became more serious or threatening, they would check it out. She felt a little helpless. Refusing to turn her telephone off at night just in case there was an emergency with her family or something, she continued to get the calls.

At lunch just a few days ago, she was extremely tired and upset. As we were discussing it with a third friend of ours, that friend told us about a website. The address was Our friend said that since most cell phones are unlisted and that it's hard to find the name, there were few places where you could find information that would really help. However, he told us that through this website, you could simply type in the cell phone number and you would find out all sorts of information. You can find out everything from the full name and home number of the person that owns the cell phone, to the address and even criminal and civil information. So if the caller was a convicted criminal, you could find that out.

I went back to her house with her and we checked the number together. Our other friend was right. She got the full name and address of her caller and she was surprised to find out he did have a criminal background. We were both terrified for her, and I insisted we leave and go directly to the police station with the information we had found. Luckily, because the caller was a criminal, the police got serious about action and paid a visit. They arrested the caller and my friend was able to press charges. Thank goodness we could find the information. I dread thinking about what might have happened if we hadn't.





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