Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Give a Good Wedding Speech

Wedding speeches are an integral part of all weddings. While preparing and giving a wedding speech you need to keep certain points in mind. A wedding speech has to be light-hearted yet heart warming at the same time. A wedding is a very important occasion and to have chosen to give a speech on such an occasion is a big responsibility. Excitement, joy and freshness symbolize a wedding and so your speech should be in keeping with these emotions. You don't want to give a bad speech and ruffle feathers right? So you need to keep the following points in mind while going about it:

• Don't give a very long speech. Since you are not the only one who's going to be giving a speech you need to remember to keep it short. You have to hold the people's attention and so don't just go on speaking! Don't exceed 5 or 6 minutes and if you are writing it down then keep it around 500-800 words. However don't keep it too short or else the people present there will think you are in a hurry and you are giving the speech just for the sake of it! Minimum 4 minutes.
• Make it funny. Humour is an important element of wedding speeches. You have to make listening to your speech an enjoyable rather than a boring task. So don't forget to add the humour element in your speech. However don't go overboard with your jokes and one-liners. You don't want to end up hurting anybody's feelings especially on this day! So keep the mood light-hearted yet keep it sane too.
• Don't forget to thank everyone! One of the most important aspects of wedding speeches is expressing your gratitude to a lot of people. If you are the groom then don't forget to thank the bride's family, your family and your friends and ofcourse all the guests present there. If you are the best man then thank all the guests present there and thank the groom for choosing you as his best man.
• Personalize it. You need to make your speech sound personal too. An impersonal speech may give the impression that you just picked up some speech from the internet and you couldn't care less about the occasion. So THAT is a big no. So if you are the groom then remember to add those pleasant memories you had with your bride or her family or your friends present there. Likewise for the bride/groom's parents or the best man.
• Enjoy yourself! Last but not the least you have to enjoy yourself while giving the speech since only then will you be able to give a near perfect speech! If you are giving a speech then you are either the bride or groom or you are someone who is important for them. So this wedding has to be a big deal for you! And it shouldn't be a problem to enjoy the wedding and this speech. So go out there and have a good time and let them know how much this whole affair means to you!

So keep all these points in mind and you will always be remembered for the memorable speech that you give on this happy day.





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