Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hypnosis Helped Pop Star Lily Allen Drop 2 Dress Sizes

Hypnosis is used widely over the world to help with weight loss. UK pop star Lily Allen is one of many people who have reaped the benefits from hypnotherapy. With the assistance of hypnotherapy, she was able to drop two dress sizes and go from a size 12 to a size 8.

Before losing her weight, Lily posted a depressing message on her social media page describing herself as "fat and ugly". After going through hypnotherapy for weight loss however, the 22 year old found herself 2 dress sizes slimmer, and said: "After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad."

Lily Allen is just one of thousands of people from across the world who have successfully lost weight after using hypnosis. Some studies of hypnotherapy have shown us that hypnosis can increase the chances of losing weight by up to 90%.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works by deprogramming the brain and implanting thoughts into the subconscious mind at a deep level. In Lily Allen's case, this would have involved messages being delivered to her subconscious mind while she was in a state of deep relaxation.  These messages would have been along of the lines of :"You will do everything you can to reach your desired weight", "you feel a lot of motivation to exercise".

Hypnosis for weight loss can be very effective and is also a very realistic method for helping you to lose weight. It makes controlling your food intake a lot easier because it works closely with your body's natural desires.

To be clear, hypnosis cannot work if it is not used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet. What it can do though is prevent you from having the urge to eat junk food and give you the subconscious motivation to want to exercise.

A big part of losing weight is changing behavioural patterns. Making drastic eating adjustments and adopting a new exercise plan is always difficult because it is not something you are used to.

When you try to change a habit, you will always get resistance from your subconscious mind because it is so used to your usual behaviours. Hypnosis communicates with your subconscious to let it know that it's OK for you to behave in new ways. This takes the struggle and stress out of trying to lose weight.

Luckily, hypnosis is not something that is only reserved for rich celebrities. Anybody can learn about hypnosis affordably without having to shell out masses of money. If you need to gain the motivation and will-power to aid your weigh loss quest, you should strongly consider learning about the powers of hypnosis.





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