Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is There a Person That Gives You the Willies?

In a neighborhood in South Dakota, a mom and her three kids lived in a nice neighborhood. Because she was a widow, the community was very helpful and supportive of her when she moved in. They would bring her homemade meals, desserts and even offer to baby sit while she found a new job. Of course, this woman was very happy about the support and such that she received. The man who lived next door would often come out and talk to her over the fence. She enjoyed gardening, so she would weed the garden and plant seeds while they chatted. The woman noticed that her daughter enjoyed talking to the man as well. Several times she watched the man laughing at her daughter's 8 year old jokes over the fence. For some unknown reason, it made the hair on the back of her neck stand up.

After a couple more times of watching her daughter talk to this man over the fence, the mother informed her daughter that she was not to stand outside and speak to the man anymore. When her daughter asked why, she didn't have a reply. In fact, she even asked herself what made her feel so strange about the man talking to her daughter. He had been nothing but nice and probably just felt sorry for the little ones losing their dad the way they did. Without trying to alarm her daughter, the mom simply told her that it wasn't polite to hold the man up all day, chatting and bothering him.

Searching on the web one day, the mother came across a website called The explanation of the site piqued the mother's interest and she had a thought. Knowing the next door neighbor's name, she decided to check him out. Because the website said that you could information on someone just by knowing their name, the mother decided to satisfy her curiosity. She typed in the name and within seconds she was directed to a page full of information on this very 'nice' man. In fact, she received his local and national criminal and civil records, his phone number, his address, and his arrest records. It turns out that a few years ago; this man was convicted of touching a child under the age of 8 for sexual purposes. The mother was absolutely horrified. She could not believe what she was reading and that no one had told her anything.

Deciding it must be a mistake, she checked the local sex offender list and sure enough, he was there. The mother alerted the police that the man had been speaking with her daughter, and decided to move. She was so thankful that the website had been there and that she had been feeling strangely about him. Without those two things, she didn't want to think about what might have eventually happened. If you are suspicious about someone, please do what this mother did and check it out. You never know what kind of tragedy you can prevent.



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