Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A local newspaper

runs an advice column every Tuesday entitled "Ask Anna". Readers can write in with any personal concerns or questions that they may not feel comfortable addressing to anyone on a person-to-person basis. Lately,
Anna has been getting quite a few letters from husbands and wives who are questioning their partner's fidelity. For instance, Eddie from Edwardsville writes, "My wife has become increasingly distant over the past few weeks. She no longer has dinner waiting when I get home from work and, in fact, disappears every evening around 7 pm using the excuse that she is going to visit her sick mother. I noticed an increase in her cell phone usage when I was reviewing this month's bills and, in particular, repeated calls to the same unfamiliar out-of-state number. Is there any way I can find out who this person is that she is suddenly so interested in?"
Another such letter was from Pamela in Williams, "My husband is never home. He claims to be playing sports or hanging out with the guys almost every night. The few nights that he does show up after work he quickly remembers something urgent back at the office that must be taken care of immediately. When I question his behavior I am subjected to a tirade during which I am called names and accused of nagging. I have noticed that he often leaves right after a hushed conversation on his cell phone. Is there any way I can find out who he is talking to?
Finally, we have Grant from Hilltown, "My wife is cheating on me. I know she is. She hardly talks to me any more and avoids spending time with me a much as possible. We used to go dancing and out to the movies almost every weekend, but now she always seems to have plans with her friends. Every Friday and Saturday night like clockwork her cell phone rings and off she goes. I have to admit that I became so worried that I looked at the received calls on her phone while she was in the shower getting ready for her outing and the last call listed was an unfamiliar number. All of her "friend's" numbers are programmed into her phone and this one was not labeled. How can I find out who this number belongs to?"
Anna answered all of these readers in the same way. Use
Enter in the cell phone number in question and you will instantly know whom the phone belongs to and pertinent information about that person. Your worries will be confirmed or obliterated within minutes.





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