Sunday, December 18, 2011

The miracle that changed my life

Postpartum Depression Miracle came to me in a magical way. I had no need for it at that time. I had visited my cousin in New Jersey. She had just had a baby. It was on her kitchen shelf that I found the 'concoction' – or so I scoffed. Whoever could get depressed after having a baby wasn't in their right mind to have a baby in the first place.

Surely, bringing a bundle of joy into the world is a matchless experience. You prepare so long for it and you pray so fervently that everything should go well. So when all things do go well and this brand new person is right there in your family – how can possibly anybody in their right mind be depressed.

At least that's what I was sure about till it happened first hand. Doctors have a logical reason. Your hormones go through a roller coaster trip when having a baby. It is actually normal to get feelings of acute depression after having a baby. You don't feel like eating anything. You don't manage to sleep well. You feel frustrated and sometimes don't even want to look at your own baby. That's got nothing to do with the hard work that goes into looking after the baby. Surprisingly, all your doctor can ever give you is a muscle relaxant or anti-depressant. Would you like to use those drugs while breastfeeding your baby?

I didn't feel comfortable and no mother would be comfortable with all those drugs. That's when I happened to call my cousin and discuss the Postpartum Depression Miracle that I had seen in her house so many years back! Yes, it worked miracles for me. I was back to feeling good about myself, and of course, about the baby. I think all mothers should give the Postpartum Depression Miracle a try – particularly because postpartum depression, if untreated, can turn into something worse like psychosis.





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