Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The More Things Change….

Since the first PvP content was added to World of Warcraft in the Vanilla patches, it has been either a sore spot or the best option for enjoying World of Warcraft's rich class system. You either hate or you love it, but no matter what your opinion, it's freaking hard and that hasn't changed one little bit since it was first introduced with Alterac Basin and Warsong Gulch five years ago.

Fast forward half a decade and WoW's PvP is STILL hard, and now there are so many more options with different brackets, new classes, new abilities, and plenty of team variations that make it nearly impossible to know what you'll face when you turn up for a new match.

Toss in the prevalence of PUGs lately and you have a hard aspect of the game being made even HARDER when you try to take people on directly.

So, if you're anything like me, the chance to get at least as little ahead with the help of a new strategy guide is very enticing and that's exactly what's happening right now with the release of PvP Ownage. Terrance Williams has pulled out all the stops to cover all the basics of PvP from group creation to duelling strategies and multiple walkthroughs of multiple BGs in a game that is overflowing with opportunities for players all over the globe.

I won't lie to you. Even with a guide, PvP is not easy. It will drain you of energy and probably leave you with a sore wrist and stiff fingers, but when you figure out the hard stuff and can start playing the game at the top tier, you'll quickly find that PvP is incredibly rewarding too. That's what you gain with a guide like PvP Ownage. There's no way for a text guide to show you exactly how to win any one match – this is PvP after all – but you won't get much closer than Terrance does with his epic strategy tome.






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