Sunday, December 18, 2011

My personal story of postpartum depression

I was thrilled to have my first child. We had been married for a couple of years before we decided that there was more to our love. Having our very own bundle of joy around the house would surely take our relationship to the next level. We were so excited about having another whole new person in the household. My husband and I, through the nine months of pregnancy, would spend hours wondering what personality our baby would have.

There are no words to describe when our first son was born. For the first few days, we just couldn't have enough of him. There seemed to be no world beyond him. We were on an amazing high amidst all the good wishes and congratulations that poured in from friends and family. You won't believe it, I was already feeling excited about having my next baby.

That's when – just a week after the birth of the baby – postpartum depression set in. I had no clue what was happening. I got up in the morning totally tired and feeling extremely low. I thought maybe I didn't sleep well. By afternoon I was feeling worse and even started crying while breastfeeding the baby. My mother, who had dropped in to help me, was quite surprised.

Initially, I thought it was just one of those dull days. But within two days the symptoms had worsened. I started fighting with my husband, didn't want to eat and couldn't sleep more than a few hours. I lost all interest in the baby. I felt as if I was going to die and it was all dark around me. That's when I called my doctor. She explained that I was suffering from postpartum depression or, as they call it, baby blues. My mother had not gone through it.

But that very evening, my cousin dropped by. That's when she told me that she had gone for a very nice holistic and natural cure for her postpartum depression which was called Postpartum Depression Miracle. She also explained to me that regular drugs won't help. I am really very happy that I did not go for anti-depressants and understood what was happening. It's been two years and I am happily planning for my second baby. Of course, this time, I would be prepared before hand for any baby blues! My only suggestion to all would-be mothers: Go for a natural holistic cure – that's permanent! Have fun with your baby.





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