Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Postpartum depression – holistic cures are the best remedy

Holistic cures work best for postpartum depression. Hormonal changes associated with motherhood are the triggers of postpartum depression that could ruin the joy of having a baby. Postpartum depression usually affects one in every four new mothers. The first symptoms of depression start within a week of childbirth. However, most women witness these 'baby blues' fade away within a few days or a week or so. But when the symptoms of depression last for several weeks or months then some treatment is required.

The problem is that regular medicinal cures could do you more harm than good. Your doctor would be able to prescribe you a combination of anti-depressants, muscle-relaxants and sleeping tablets. This is because medical science does not view postpartum depression as separate from other types of depression. You would understand how all these pills could have potential side-effects. Neither should you be taking these drugs if you are breastfeeding because the potential side-effects would pass on to the baby.

Statistics have also shown that women lapsed back into depression once these drugs were discontinued. Another question is would you have the time and money to spend on such drugs when you already have too much to handle. Looking after the baby and other household chores is quite a task requiring plenty of hard work. Doctors also suggest that you go for psychiatric treatment or therapy sessions.

On the other hand, hundreds of women who have tried natural and holistic cures say not only did they get out of their depression much faster but the symptoms did not recur once the treatment was complete. In most case of mild to moderate postpartum depression, holistic cures are the best solution. However, if postpartum depression is left untreated then it could develop into depression psychosis.

Doctors also suggest that new mothers might try hormonal therapy. Yet, the problem with hormonal therapy is again the risk of side-effects and there is no surety that you would achieve a complete cure of your postpartum depression.

Holistic cures come without any side-effects. You could also combine natural cures with homeopathy medicines which too, are free of side-effects. Homeopathy medicines work best when your doctor is accomplished in understanding your body and personality type.

Holistic cures come with another benefit. While taking drugs depends upon making you dull and subdued, holistic cures actually pep you up. Holistic cures give you additional energy and enthusiasm to handle your workload as a new mother because of the approach of combining natural supplements with the right kind of diet and exercise. A good nutritionist would be able to help you chalk out the right diet. In the long run you're actually improving your entire system and not just getting rid of your depression.

In either case – whether you go for medicines or holistic cures - reaching out to family, friends and your partner is the basis of a successful recovery from postpartum depression. You could still try therapy sessions with a psychiatrist without taking the other drugs.





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