Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pregnancy Pain: How to Tell What is Normal, and What is Not

If there is one thing that scares any expectant mom, it is pregnancy pain. Even minor aches and pains are enough to send us running to the doctor, and while it's usually nothing more than a normal part of pregnancy, we do it every time, simply because we want to make sure our baby is born healthy.

Often, however, it is possible to tell by the type of pregnancy pain, and the circumstances that surround that pain, whether it is something normal or not. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when you experience pregnancy pain:

§ How severe is the pain? In most cases, if pregnancy pain is mild, it is probably just a normal part of carrying a child to term. However, if the pain you are experiencing is severe or extreme, then there is a chance it is something more serious.
§ What was the onset like? In many cases, pregnancy pain that comes on slowly and gradually is just your body's natural progression from one stage of pregnancy to another, and nothing to be overly concerned about. If, however, your pregnancy pain came on suddenly, without any warning, then it is probably a sign that something is amiss, and definitely worth a trip to the doctor!
§ How does it respond to treatment? There are many treatment options for pregnancy pain. For instance, if you have backache, you might try massage. If the backache responds to massage treatment, then it is probably only a normal symptom of pregnancy. If it does not, it may be a sign of something more serious.
§ Are there other symptoms? Pregnancy pain on its own, such as mild cramping, is usually not something to be overly concerned about. If it is accompanied by bleeding, nausea, dizziness or swelling, however, it could be something more serious, and you should seek emergency medical care.
§ Have you been overdoing it? Many women, especially in our busy modern world, try to continue with their normal lives, working, looking after other children, socialising and more, even when pregnant. Over exerting yourself, standing too much, or just plain fatigue, can trigger the onset of pregnancy pain. Ask yourself whether you have been over exerting yourself, and try a home treatment like massage. If you have not been over doing it, and home treatment does not lessen the symptoms, then it is a good idea to visit your doctor.

Some types of pregnancy pain, like round ligament pain during pregnancy, can be excruciatingly painful, but are actually quite benign, and not harmful to you or your baby. In other cases, pain can be a symptom of something that is potentially dangerous.

It is always wise to ask yourself the questions listed in this article, but if you are still concerned, to seek a medical opinion. It is better to overreact about nothing, and feel silly about it later on, than it is to ignore a problem because you think it is nothing, only to suffer complications later on.

Make sure that you learn techniques like massage for pregnancy pain early on in your pregnancy, and that you have painkillers and safe medications on hand, but never just ignore pain. Take action, and be safe, rather than sorry.





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