Saturday, December 10, 2011

sing like a professional

For those of you wanting to be a better singer, there can be no more frustrating thing than not knowing exactly what you need to do to make improvements.

You have the passion for singing, but you want more. You want the confidence to be able to really perform. You may want to sing in a choir or a band, but feel your singing isn't at that level yet.

I have something to share with you that's going to take you to that level and beyond, and change forever the way you feel about singing. It doesn't matter what level of singing you are at, you have to see how it can help you.

Introducing Singorama, the complete guide to singing like a professional.


This course goes far beyond most other singing courses because it was developed by a team of internet experts, software developers, writers, as well as singers. What you get with that is a singing course that is crafted to make the best use of interactive audio lessons, workbooks, songs, games, software tools, and practical exercises that are both fun and educational.

Singorama is a course that is about much more than just singing. It's about learning and understanding how to use your voice, develop your range and power, how to read music and keep your singing on key, how to exercise and push your singing ability in a way that doesn't damage your vocal chords, how to practice for an audition, and much more!

Most of all, you want your progression from ordinary to extraordinary to be easy and fun, and that is one of the key differences that characterize Singorama! Once you have completed your vocal warmups you can choose from doing one of the 28 interactive lessons, read from the workbook or one of the other bonus reference guides, practice your singing using the Singorama Mini Recording Studio, play with one of the software games, or sing along with one of the original songs.

Every component is designed to support your learning of Singorama so that at all times, while you are having fun you are also becoming a better singer!


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