Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Daily Brief

Friday, February 10, 2012
Mitt Romney's Struggles Take Republican Angst To New Heights
Presidential Candidates, Conservative Leaders Hit Washington
Two Bombs Hit Security Headquarters In Syria's Aleppo
Steve Jobs FBI File Reveals Bomb Threat, 'Tendency To Distort Reality' And More
Critics Say New Hampshire's Right-To-Work Legislation Would Not Net Jobs
Arianna Huffington: My Favorite Black Dress: Love Story or Cautionary Tale?
In honor of Fashion Week, I want to revisit one of life's eternal questions: if you have a dress you love, how often can you wear it before reaching an unacceptable number of "repeats"?
Mitchell Bard: GOP Construction of a Fictional "Obama" Has Taken a Turn to the Absurd
Even as commentators start to note the GOP effort to create a fictional Barack Obama, it looks like Republicans have decided to double down on the stupid. That is, they have strayed from plausible lies -- lies that, to the uninformed, could feel true -- to absurd ones.
Rita Wilson: Lasting Love: Long-Term Relationship Advice From Readers
What's the secrets to long-lasting relationships? It seems your answers were close to what my answers would be: Laughter, kindness, respect, allowing the other to grow, hanging in there when it gets rough, not walking away. And great sex.
Kerry Kennedy: Ugandan Parliament Acts to Legalize Hate Against the LGBTI Community
If we support the human and civil rights of our LGBTI citizens in the United States, we must also vigorously advocate against the passage of this bill and act to stop state-sanctioned homophobia from taking root in any country.
Steve Stoute: This Year's Grammy Awards: Lessons Learned or More of the Same?
The very meaning of the Grammy, excellence in musical artistry, is a testament to the hard work, sacrifice, and genius that recording artists bring to their craft. While to the viewer it may seem as if it is just a show, to the artists it is significantly more profound.

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