Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Daily Brief

Friday, February 17, 2012
Payroll Tax Deal Finalized Before Vote
German President Resigns Following Financial Scandal
They're Back! The Mortgages That Crashed The Economy Regain Street Cred
Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'We're Simpletons'
Murdoch Announces Sun On Sunday
Elena Haliczer: HuffPost Launches Social Reading App for Facebook Timeline
At the Huffington Post, we're all about starting conversations. It's why we launched Social News with Facebook in 2009, enabling our users to read and share stories as instantly as you would discuss a story in a newspaper at the kitchen table -- still one of our favorite things about reading newspapers together with friends. Today, we're doubling down on that commitment to real-time sharing and engagement with the HuffPost Social Reading app for Facebook timeline. This app will take the reading experience to the next level, allowing you to share stories, start conversations and keep up with what your friends are reading -- only now, your Facebook timeline will be a place to share news with your friends, while Facebook News Feed and Ticker will help you discover new Huffington Post content through your friends.
Shawn Lawrence Otto: They're Coming for Your Kids
Recently leaked budget documents from the Heartland Institute, the leading voice of climate change denialism, lay out plans to spend $100K on a phony K-12 science curriculum based on propaganda.
Rev. Al Sharpton: Don't Discount the Underdog
Every day we walk past or ignore another Jeremy Lin -- people who may not look like what society deems a 'winner.' But given the right circumstances, these folks would shine; there's a Lin in every school, church, job. You may be ignored, but never lose sight of your own strengths and abilities.
Wray Herbert: The Physiology of Willpower: Where Does Discipline Come From?
Willpower is the key to much that's good in life. So it's no wonder that psychological scientists have been studying willpower for decades, trying to figure out who is disciplined under what circumstances -- and why.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach: Should Pop Stars Be Celebrated With Flags at Half-Staff?
Flags at half-staff should be reserved principally for those who have made great sacrifices in the pursuit of selfless, patriotic service. Our celebrities get plenty of attention. Our soldiers barely get any at all.

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