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Conservatives still resist Romney
The most conservative voters will never love Mitt Romney, no matter what he says or does. They doubt his authenticity and wish they could vote for someone else. Fortunately for Romney, he's running against maybe the weakest field in modern memory.
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Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl showdown: Chrysler vs. conservatives
Los Angeles Times
And why did it hit such a raw nerve with conservatives, who've been up in arms for the last few days, convinced that Dirty Harry had suddenly become a shill for Obama? To hear the caterwauling on the right, you'd think that Clint was proposing that ...
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How a conservative-leaning supreme court may yet rule for gay marriage
The Guardian
And while generally Kennedy is an ally of the aforementioned group of conservative Republican appointees, on issues pertaining to gay and lesbian rights, there is some reason for optimism. When he was nominated for the supreme court by Ronald Reagan, ...
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The Guardian
Two rich conservatives' donations help to keep Rick Santorum competitive
Friess runs an organization that promotes conservative causes including supporting school choice, questioning climate change research, and promoting border security. He became wealthy after launching a successful mutual fund in the 1970s.
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10 reasons religious conservatives love Rick Santorum
CNN (blog)
(CNN) - For all the attention paid to the clout of fiscally focused tea party conservatives and of the primacy of jobs in the 2012 election, Rick Santorum's trifecta victories Tuesday night are a good reminder of the powerful role religious ...
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Conservatives limit debate on long-gun registry
Montreal Gazette
The Conservatives won a motion late Tuesday evening to limit debate on the long-gun registry repeal bill to one day at report stage and two days at the bill's third and final reading. The time allocation motion to limit debate during the bill's report ...
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Conservatives converge on DC for confab
Washington Examiner
Boehner is one of the speakers at this weekend's CPAC (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Thousands of conservative activists will descend on Washington Thursday to divine the future of a Republican Party that is fervently committed to defeating President ...
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Krauthammer: Who is the true conservative running for president?
Fox News
O'REILLY: "Back of the Book" segment tonight, will the real conservative please stand up? Remember that line from the old program "What's My Line?" Well, in the presidential sweepstakes, many American conservatives are disenchanted over the lack of a ...
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Canada gets noticed as top US conservatives gather
Toronto Sun
By Brian Lilley ,Parliamentary Bureau WASHINGTON, DC -- Canadians used to being ignored by the American political system might be surprised to see just how much the Great White North will be discussed this week at the Conservative Political Action ...
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Proof! Conservatives are more stupid
Conservatives are more stupid. George Monbiot: Movement 'thrives on low intelligence and poor information'. Published: 4 hours ago. (GUARDIAN) — Self-deprecating, too liberal for their own good, today's progressives stand back and watch ...
Rick Santorum: 'Conservatives beginning to get it' | The Raw Story
By David Edwards
After sweeping GOP contests Tuesday in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says conservative voters are finally beginning to understand that he is the strongest candidate to take on President ...
The Raw Story
Romney, conservatives and conservatives « The Greenroom
By Karl
The conventional wisdom is that conservatives are dissatisfied with Romney, whose electoral coalition is comprised mostly of moderates and even liberal voters. That might be true of conservative media elites, but the broader electorate of ...
The Greenroom
re Truly Conservatives - PJ Media
By Bridget Johnson
Last July, the executive director of GOProud received a letter from the American Conservative Union informing the gay Republican organization that it would not be welcome "to participate in a formal role for CPAC events scheduled during the ...
PJ Media
A Conservative Teacher: Newsflash Conservatives- The President ...
By A Conservative Teacher
One important power of the President of the United States that conservatives apparently didn't realize that he had is the power to appoint federal judges. It's surprising, because usually conservatives have a good idea of what is going on in ...
A Conservative Teacher

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Daily Kos: In Komen Foundation debacle, conservatives see ...
But it took only about two days for those very same conservative figures to declare that the blistering public outrage against the Komen Foundation for caving in ...
Today's Dilemma for Conservatives | Mother Jones
Florida's poor can use food stamps to buy staples like milk, vegetables, fruits and meat. But they can also use them to buy sweets like cakes, cookies and Jell-O ...

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