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Conservatives see tough challenges on road to White House
By Martina Stewart, CNN Political Producer Washington (CNN) -- Republicans looking to take back the White House in November face a challenging political environment, a trio of conservative political observers said Thursday at an annual gathering of ...
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Conservatives: Romney's OK if Obama is alternative
San Angelo Standard Times
(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert) WASHINGTON — If Mitt Romney needs some good news in an otherwise lousy week, he might find it in an improbable place: the packed hallways of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.
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Republican Conservative Base Starts Rallying Around Santorum
9 (Bloomberg) -- The Republican Party's socially conservative base, conflicted for months over which presidential candidate to back, is increasingly coalescing behind Rick Santorum in a shift that some observers say may energize his bid and slow Mitt ...
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Clint Whispers, Conservatives Cringe
Huffington Post
It was unequivocally condemned as liberal propaganda by conservatives. Liberal (cough) propaganda from Clint Eastwood? I think not. Instead it was a classic universally conservative message. If we all pull together and work hard we will see a better ...
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Republicans Criticize Obama 'Attack' on Religion at Conservatives' Meeting
Republican leaders, seeking to rally conservatives at an annual gathering, accused President Barack Obama of assaulting religious liberty by requiring sectarian schools and hospitals to provide birth-control coverage to employees.
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Conservatives Hope To Reach Hard-Pressed Youth
Young conservatives are bringing new energy to this year's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with a panel called, "Why Am I Living in My Parent's Basement?" Host Michel Martin talks with two young people attending, about how they hope to ...
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Romney to Woo Conservatives
Wall Street Journal
By PATRICK O'CONNOR and SARA MURRAY The gathering of conservatives in Washington on Thursday featured a tea-party activist waiting for a speech by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. WASHINGTON—Republicans gathering for the year's marquee conservative ...
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Wall Street Journal

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Bachmann Assails Obama Before Conservatives -
Michele Bachmann takes several liberties with the facts in characterizing President Obama's positions on the Mideast.
The Caucus
CPAC: Conservatives gather at 'major center of gravity' – CNN ...
By gschwarzcnn
Washington (CNN) -- Flash back four years ago. Mitt Romney dropped his bid for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
CNN Political Ticker
Balloon Juice » Why conservatives can't do pop culture very well
By E.D. Kain
You see this is why conservatives are failing when it comes to waging the culture war in the arts, and why they at once turn to political means rather than cultural means to wage that war. It's also why we see so many conservatives devolve into ...
Balloon Juice
Hayes: Media, conservatives don't get that U.S. has changed | The ...
By David Ferguson
On Wednesday night's The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel and Chris Hayes of MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes took on the recent outcry in Washington over, of all things, birth control. Conservatives claim that it's unfair that a provision of the ...
The Raw Story
Why conservatives can't do pop culture very well
By E.D. Kain
Yes, somebody actually painted this. And no, I don't think it's satire. You have to sort of love the rooster, though. He's as free as a bird now. The question is: where's Waldo? You see this is why conservatives are.
American Times

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RealClearPolitics - How Romney Can Energize Conservatives
Mitt Romney wants to be the next president of a country in need of serious and sweeping economic reform. And here are the first two points in his 59-point ...

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