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Santorum declares he's the conservative heavyweight in GOP race, calls Romney ...
Washington Post
Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum declared himself a conservative "heavyweight" on Tuesday as he defended his decision to court Michigan Democrats in the state's high-stakes GOP primary. "I am the heavyweight in this race when it comes to ...
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Exit polls: Conservative, religious voters boosted Santorum in Mich.
The Detroit News
By Alan Fram and Jennifer Agiesta AP Washington — Rick Santorum drew strength in Tuesday's Michigan Republican presidential primary from the most ardent conservatives and people whose political views are strongly colored by their religious beliefs, ...
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Conservatives should be passionate about protecting the House of Lords
The reform of the second chamber should be a dividing line between liberals and conservatives, says Ruth Porter. By Ruth Porter The debate about Lords reform has so far largely missed the point. The argument should not be about whether elections are ...
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Santorum: Romney 'a lightweight on conservative accomplishments'
Los Angeles Times
By Seema Mehta Rick Santorum slashed at Mitt Romney's argument that he was an economic lightweight, saying on Tuesday that while his rival for the GOP presidential nomination may have been successful in business, he had no conservative victories. "Gov.
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Los Angeles Times
Santorum: Reagan also courted conservative Democrats
The Detroit News
"Ronald Reagan would not have been in the 1976 race had he not gone out and courted Democrats in Texas, conservative Democrats, to go and vote for him," Santorum said. "The whole point is to have a conservative message, which I have, and going out and ...
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Santorum Calls Romney a 'Lightweight' on 'Conservative Accomplishments'
ABC News (blog)
Rick Santorum responded to Mitt Romney's accusation Tuesday that he is an "economic lightweight" by saying he may not be a "heavyweight" when it comes to the economy, but it's his rival who is a "lightweight" when it comes to "conservative ...
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ABC News (blog)
Michigan: Preliminary Exit Polls Suggest Increase in Conservative Voters, Plus ...
ABC News (blog)
Santorum, in particular, is seeking advantage among strongly conservative voters. But perhaps controversially, one in 10 voters in the open primary are another stripe entirely — Democrats. That's off their peak — 17 percent in 2000, when Democrats ...
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ABC News (blog)
Robocalls fit pattern of Conservative dirty tricks
Montreal Gazette
Rather, the allegations relate to recorded phone calls allegedly ordered by the Conservatives in May's election in dozens of ridings. The calls supposedly gave bum steers to Liberal-and New Democrat-minded voters to dissuade them from voting.
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Conservatives bank on robo-call storm blowing itself out
Globe and Mail
The Vikileaks revelations were trumped by opposition attacks on Stephen Harper's Conservatives for allegedly trying to rig the vote in some ridings on May 2. Partisans of all persuasions are using new and evolving technologies to turn politics into a ...
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Globe and Mail

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Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie: Why Religious Conservatives Embrace the ...
By Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie
I am no pacifist. Wars are necessary sometimes, whether of words or of military might. But religions don't look for wars where they don't exist, and they never thrive on military metaphors.
The Huffington Post Full Blog Feed
Christian Conservatives Guard Religious Liberty - David Limbaugh ...
By David Limbaugh
The First Amendment to the United States Constitution contains two clauses addressing religious liberty: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." - Page 1.
Townhall's Recent Columns
Where Have The Sane Conservatives <i>Been</i> These Past Few ...
By Andrew Sullivan
They were lounging in their cloakrooms' soft-leather, wingback chairs, breezing their eyes across conservative columns that dwelled, for example, on socioeconomic functions of "happiness," rather than conservative columns that relentlessly ...
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
This is What Terrifies Conservatives - Hullabaloo
By thereisnospoon
This is What Terrifies Conservatives by David Atkins That the conservative base and establishment have gone off an ideological cliff isn't in question. The only question at hand is why, whether anyone but a few media moguls is really in control ...
Poll: Conservatives take dimmer view of Romney - Need to Know
By Staff
Just as Mitt Romney is aiming to add to his delegate lead in the Republican primary race with strong showings in Arizona and Michigan, his popularity among conservatives nationally is fading, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News ...
Need to Know

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