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Islam events intended to change biases
The Independent Florida Alligator
She wears a floor-length abaya robe and a hijab head scarf, signs of her Islamic religion. Before the current president of Islam On Campus moved to Gainesville, she was afraid she'd be a target of prejudice. To change biased perceptions, ...
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After the Oslo Massacre, an Assault on Free Speech
Wall Street Journal
Consider this: Criticizing Islam is now a punishable offense in several European countries. In the past few months alone, a Danish court fined writer Lars Hedegaard for talking about Islam's treatment of women in his own home, and activist Elisabeth ...
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Islamic Youth Forum Tackles Extremism
Eurasia Review
The 24th International Islamic Scientific Conference was held February 1st-3rd under the aegis of the Culture and Islam Group, in conjunction with the Islamic Organisation for Education, Culture and Science (ISESCO). The meeting's theme was "the role ...
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Islamic Circle of North America believes first amendment applies to only them
For America notified its members of a billboard that is sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), a Muslim Brotherhood connected organization that are using the strategy that opposition to sharia law is supposedly an infringement on the ...
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The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam
FrontPage Magazine
On the outer edge of town, off a small country road, there was a large parcel of land, right next door to a Baptist church, with a big sign that read, "Future Home of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro". Over the past 6 months that sign had been ...
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FrontPage Magazine
Has Mitt Romney's Mormonism Influenced His Views on Islam?
History News Network
Timothy R. Furnish, PhD (Islamic, World, African history) is an analyst and writer, US Army veteran and recovering college professor who consults for the US government and military. His website is www.mahdiwatch.org Mitt Romney's conservative ...
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Economy, Islam Turn French to Far-right
Focusing on inciting fear on the role of Islam in France, home to up to six million Muslims, Le Pen adopts an anti-immigrant approach to gain public support. In 2010, Le Pen compared Muslim prayers on the streets to Nazi occupation.
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Gaddafi's son Saif-al Islam's trial to begin within weeks
Libya, Feb 6: The trial of son of slain Libyan leader, Saif-al Islam will begin within weeks or months, said Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC). The trial which sees Saif as playing a crucial role during his father's regime could seek a ...
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Chalk Up Another One For Islam in the PR Battle
Town Hall
Fire whoever is responsible for inviting Boykin, she wrote in her online Washington Post column "On Faith," because his criticism of Islam makes him "notorious." Why, it's nothing less than blasphemy, as everyone who is anyone would agree – and who ...
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Attacks against Occupy Wall Street, Islam expected at CPAC 2012
The American Independent
West, who has a penchant for controversy, is scheduled to share the stage with well-known anti-Islamic activist Pamela Geller. The pair, along with others, will be part of a discussion about Sharia called "Islamic Law in America: How the Obama Justice ...
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Progress Made in Founding the Islam-Institute in Osnabrück : Euro ...
By Euro-Islam
News Agencies - February 6, 2012. 02.02.2012. Following the launch of Germany's first Centre for Islamic theology in Tübingen (as reported), the second centre is soon to be launched at the University of Osnabrück. Last week, the university ...
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Google Alert - Islam news - Muammar Gaddafi - Zimbio
News 9 new results for Islam news Islam , democracy and prosperity: Turkey scores in Mideast, but the model has flaws Washington Post (blog) ISTANBUL ...
IslamOnline, Islamic News, Islamic Finance and Business - Strange ...
BAGHDAD: A Parliamentary Oil and Energy Commission member expressed astonishment that Commission\'s Chairman Adnan al-Janabi demanded that Iraqi ...

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