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Liberals fear pro-lifers trying to hijack weakened party
(Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS) OTTAWA — Some federal Liberals fear single-issue pro-lifers are trying to hijack their weakened party. Their fears have been stoked by the apparent re-emergence of a group calling itself Liberals for Life, ...
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South Australian Liberals'' leadership tensions on the rise
The Australian
SOUTH Australian opposition leader Isobel Redmond is on notice to lift her performance or face ongoing leadership tensions, senior Liberal MPs are warning. The warning comes even as deputy Liberal leader Mitch Williams claims destabilisation is being ...
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Russian 'Liberals' Are "Outsiders", Claims Expert
Sacramento Bee
By Russia Insights Dmitro Dzhangirov, a Russia and East Europe expert, in a recent article has stated that once Vladimir Putin wins the Presidential election Russian liberals will return to their position as "political ...
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White House Birth Control Stance Criticized by Religious and Liberal Groups
As Barack Obama revs up his re-election campaign, a White House shift to the right on birth control and health insurance for women has some of the president's most loving liberals threatening to leave his embrace. The president is under pressure from ...
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Liberals Mourn Sound Census Data for Evidence-Based Policy
... reminds us that the Harper government's new National Household Survey (NHS) was an ideological attack that has damaged our ability to produce accurate data on where our country is and where it is going, said Liberal Industry critic Geoff Regan.
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Liberals are the true aggressors in culture wars
Statesman Journal
The irony is that few worldviews better describe the general liberal orientation to public policy and the culture war. The left often complains about the culture war as if it's a war they don't want to fight. They insist they just want to follow "sound ...
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Liberals boost number of judges by nine
The Province
He also noted that the Liberals have asked the Criminal Justice Branch to cut their operating budget by $6 million this year, and the province's legal-aid budget by 35 per cent. The NDP said the government also needs to use community courts more often ...
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Liberal education
Bay Area Reporter
It's a case of liberals laughing at liberals (insert the word "conservatives" and I don't know if the same results could be achieved), and the Vermont campus setting is so stridently progressive that it's not always easy to connect with the characters' ...
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Liberals and Their Dragons: Voegeli's Got My Back
Power Line (blog)
I thought our exchange in the Journal was reasonably productive and cordial, but in his sequel Mark wanted to extend the argument, in particular by rejecting my central point that modern liberalism has no limit in principle to its aspirations to extend ...
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Power Line (blog)

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Thomas B. Edsall: Conservatives vs. Liberals: More Than Politics
By Thomas B. Edsall
The contest for power between Democrats and Republicans pits two antithetical value systems against each other; two conflicting concepts of freedom, liberty, fairness, right, and wrong; two mutually exclusive notions of the state, the individual, ...
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Are Liberals Smarter and Nicer? Just Ask Academia - Big Journalism
By Brad Schaeffer
We always knew that liberals are smarter and more tolerant. We just needed a study to prove it. Gordon Hodson. At best, psychology is an inexact science, as the human brain is the most complex system in the known universe, and to try to ...
Big Journalism
Rubin Reports » Arab Liberals Lament: Here's How the Muslim ...
By Barry Rubin
This comprehensive book provides a well-rounded introduction to Israel—a definitive account of the nation's past, its often controversial present, and much more. Edited by a leading historian of the Middle East, Israel is organized around six ...
Rubin Reports
Study: Some political stereotypes hold true for liberals and ...
By admin
Characterizing conservatives as realistic and liberals as idealistic may seem like mere stereotypes, but a new study at U. Nebraska-Lincoln found these stereotypes may hold some truth. "We found that there is physiologically a basis for these ...

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5 Things Conservatives Can Learn From Liberals - John Hawkins ...
5 Things Conservatives Can Learn From Liberals - John Hawkins: There are a lot of things NOT to like about.

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