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Liberal running in Layton's former riding hopeful voters will change colours
Globe and Mail
The Liberal candidate for the by-election in Jack Layton's former riding says it's a two-way race between the Grits and the NDP. Grant Gordon, who won the party's nomination Thursday night, said the party is ready to bring it's A-game to the election ...
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Globe and Mail
Poll shows NDP holds lead over Liberals in BC
Vancouver Sun
The NDP in BC continues to hold a double-digit lead on Christy Clark's Liberals, according to an Ipsos Reid poll released Thursday to Global News. The lead for Adrian Dix's NDP has been steadied by strong support for the party among decided female ...
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CPAC 2012: Conservatives Afraid of Losing Culture War to Liberals
International Business Times
By John Talty: Subscribe to John's RSS feed Washington, DC -- Much of the discussions at CPAC have centered on politics and the pros and cons of the prospective Republican presidential nominees, but some believe that the cultural war against liberalism ...
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West: Liberals think we're selfish robots
The Hill (blog)
By Josh Lederman - 02/10/12 04:24 PM ET The US safety net is the unfortunate result of liberals who believe Americans are selfish robots, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) argued Friday. West delivered a force rebuke of both Democrats and government programs to ...
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Liberals reach post-election high, but Tories rule the polls
National Post
The Liberals are polling at a post-election high and today run neck-and-neck alongside the NDP, according to a new Forum Research poll, which also found Justin Trudeau among the Liberal Party's top picks for the permanent leadership next year — even ...
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National Post
Redmond tells fundraiser of 'knives in back'
The Australian
SOUTH Australian Liberal leader Isobel Redmond has told a party fundraiser she spent the first day of a strategy conference with her MPs "pulling knives out of my back". The candid comments were made by Ms Redmond during a speech at a cocktail party in ...
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Ann Coulter: "Pretty Girls Are Right-Wingers," Liberal Women Are Angry
And she had her theory about liberal ladies. According to Gawker, the provocative talking head explained that the "feminist movement has set us back... The reason liberal women are liberal is because they have to date liberal men.
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To dream the liberal dream ...
Las Vegas Review-Journal (blog)
This article, which includes this true quote -- "There is a liberal dream that by mandating coverage the government can make something free" -- provides a good entry point for people with eyes to see and ears to hear. As much as the president's men ...
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One Possible Reason There Are So Few Liberals, Starring Jonathan Chait. And ...
Reason Online (blog)
The Harris Poll has been surveying Americans on the topic of "political philosophy" since 1968 and the percentage calling themselves liberal had never risen above 20 percent through 2008 (the latest year for which I could find data online).
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Reason Online (blog)
Santorum's Candid Rhetoric Has Liberals Nervous
U.S. News & World Report (blog)
The former Pennsylvania senator has been speaking freely, to the delight of activists and voters on the right and to the distress of many liberals. He issued another conservative call to arms at the Conservative Political Action Conference in ...
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NewsBusted: Liberals Like Abortion More Than Cancer Research ...
By NewsBusters
"Liberals like abortion more than cancer research". Of course they do. Following thier high priestess Margaret Sanger and her advocation for the elimination and the thinning of blacks from American soil has always been the objective of the ...
Big Journalism
Santorum vs. Obama vs. God: Why liberals are always losing the ...
If liberals want to avoid turning the 2012 election into a referendum on American culture – a referendum that conservatives always seem to win – they would do well to pay attention to his arguments about what non-believers can learn from the ...
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When liberals support Obama's more controversial positions, are ...
With a new poll finding a majority of liberal Democrats -- not to mention moderate and conservative Democrats -- are in favor of keeping Guantanomo open and in favor of executing U.S. citizen abroad without any due process. Is that just ...
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The American Conservative » Liberals Love "Liberty Drones"
New Washington Post polling data reveal that liberals strongly approve of Obama's drone assassination policy – even when it is used to kill American citizens.
Liberals Make Elderly Woman Pawn in Push To Protest, Pressure ...
Nashville's newspaper, The Tennessean, reports today that 40000 people, including the well-known Princeton professor Cornel West, have signed an online ...

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