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Liberals Enabled Bishops in Contraception Battle
Religion Dispatches
And because the ensuing media firestorm over the rule was not just driven by the usual conservative suspects, but by a handful of Democratic and liberal pundits, it took on a different hue. What made it a man-bites-dog story, and subject to the more ...
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Liberal Activists May Use Miramonte Elementary Scandal to Stump for Amnesty
Big Government
But it is constantly dragged out by liberal advocates to suggest normalization of illegal immigrants. The solution, of course, is twofold: first, encourage everybody to report crimes, regardless of immigration status. Second, control the border.
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Why liberals love to hate Modi
Daily Pioneer
For a start, the preoccupation with Modi's personal culpability has influenced the powerful liberal establishment, both in India and overseas, and cast the Chief Minister as an ogre. This in turn has diverted attention from the fact that there has been ...
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The High Cost Of Liberalism - 10 Million Jobs
Earlier this week I posted on my site a short comment that liberalism has cost America millions of jobs. That immediately drew a barking response from a plethora of moonbats who adore the ground upon which President Obama walks.
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Penner helping Liberals in Chilliwack-Hope
CHILLIWACK (NEWS1130) - He may be out of the politics but former Attorney General Barry Penner says he's doing what he can to help the Liberals win his old seat in Chilliwack-Hope. Penner says he thinks the latest polls can change.
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Kindergarten conundrum
Toronto Sun
The Liberals say by the time all Ontario elementary schools get the program in 2014, it will cost $1.5 billion a year to run. That's if you think the Liberals have their numbers right. I've watched the legions of early childhood educators (ECEs) who ...
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MPs are gagging on Harper's duct tape
Montreal Gazette
In 2004, when the Conservatives were poised to beat Paul Martin's Liberals, their campaign went off the rails when some backbenchers shot off their mouths. First Cheryl Gallant compared abortion to a beheading. Then Randy White said the Conservatives ...
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How to Make Russia Democratic? Unite the Liberal Factions
As early as in December 1825, Tsarist Russia experienced an abortive palace revolution by a group of idealistic, young, liberal aristocrats who were later called "the Decembrists." Had the Decembrists been successful, their planned abolition of the ...
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Conrad Black: A few of my favourite things in Canadian politics
National Post (blog)
There is also, among some Liberals, a debate about the status of the monarchy, which after the marriage and visit of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, has had an uplifting jump in popularity. (No one would have imagined that the federal ...
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National Post (blog)

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Never Yet Melted » Culture War: Liberals Are Always the Aggressors
Liberals are the aggressors in the culture war … What they object to isn't so much the government imposing its values on people — heck, they love that. They see nothing wrong with imposing their views about diet, exercise, sex, race, and the ...
Never Yet Melted
Are Liberals to blame for Pakistan's Extremism? | Pak Tea House
By razaraja
Kashif. N. Chaudary. Imran Khan is Pakistan's sports superstar. His philanthropy is also admirable. This, however, does not mean I should not exercise my right to criticize Khan's politics. Sadly,Imran Khan's followers do not take criticism all ...
Pak Tea House

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