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Different liberal camps divide progressives
Washington Post
You could call it nostalgia liberals versus accountability liberals. The priorities of nostalgia liberalism are community, social cohesion and preservation of New Deal and Great Society programs. Accountability liberals put more stock in market forces ...
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Liberals a shambles on economic policy, says Greg Combet
Herald Sun
CABINET minister Greg Combet has dismissed an opinion poll that rates Opposition Leader Tony Abbott a better economic manager than the prime minister. Mr Abbott holds a nine-point lead over Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the question of who is more ...
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Liberals portray past to build future
The Australian
The Liberal Party and its predecessors have been in government for two-thirds of Australia's history, but we have not lauded our leaders and understood our political heritage as well as we might. While Labor treats Chifley, Curtin and Whitlam as Labor ...
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Free vote on same-sex marriage for Lib back bench
The Australian
Senior Liberals said Tony Abbott had privately conceded some Liberals wanted to vote for marriage equality. "He seems to be quite relaxed at backbenchers exercising their will if they so choose," one said yesterday. Resentment remains at senior levels ...
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14 ways liberals and conservatives are exactly alike
Record-Searchlight (blog)
By Gilbert Moore As I have been pointing out (though almost always with the result of being ignored) for many years, American true-believer liberals and true-believer conservatives are as alike as peas in a pod in a number of significant ways.
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Fretting liberals: The population bomb is a bust, but they still don't get it
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Being so false a prophet did nothing to diminish Mr. Ehrlich's popularity on college campuses or with the liberal elite. Al Gore wrote a gushing foreword to his 1990 book. The MacArthur Foundation gave him a "genius" grant. For liberals, it's the ...
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It's Time to Occupy Our Symbols
Huffington Post (blog)
I challenge my fellow liberals to say what we believe in our hearts and to never let others smear our intentions with their lies again. Make your list and say it out loud. Here is mine. I believe in respecting the office of president, ...
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The real America
Enter Stage Right
The title of that Gallup release was "Political Ideology: Conservative Label Prevails in South" and then in a flatly erroneous subtitle "Conservatives outnumber liberals in nearly every state, but not in DC" The District of Columbia, of course, ...
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Contraception and the cost of culture wars
Washington Post (blog)
That so many liberal Catholics supported the church's core claim surprised both Catholic conservatives and more secular liberals. There are lessons here, and that includes lessons for Obama. Those of us who are liberal Catholics have remained in the ...
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Liberals to CPAC: "Ignore The Terrorist Behind The Green Curtain ...
By Shaun Kenney (Diary)
What justifies 9/11 and Islamist terrorism against the United States? Mentally unstable guys putting their trucks into mosques 10 years ago in Florida...
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Nothing too creative this week...we've had a bunch of essays recently evaluating Barack Obama and his presidency (most of which are still on my To Read pile, alas...). So I want to do an Obama question. Let's try this one: do you think Obama ...
A plain blog about politics

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Liberals | The Dissenter
The poll results showed majority support among liberals for President Barack Obama's handling of "counterterrorism," including his use of drone strikes and ...

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