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Liberals 30 per cent tuition rebate could be eliminated: Drummond report
Global Toronto
The report, commissioned by the Liberal McGuinty government as part of the 2011 budget and produced by economist Don Drummond, suggests a number of ways to cut costs and produce efficiencies in the Ontario government. The report suggests many ...
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Liberal record undercuts push to curb closed-door meetings
Globe and Mail (blog)
The Liberals want Parliament to clear up the rules over when it's appropriate to move committee meetings behind closed doors, arguing the number of secret meetings is on the rise. Yet a review of committee records under the days of Liberal majority ...
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Globe and Mail (blog)
Hébert: Harper's alienation of Quebec just what the Liberals need
Toronto Star
Liberal MP Justin Trudeau's statement that he would support an independent Quebec rather than live in a Canada where equality rights no longer had their place was only the latest manifestation of that malaise. (As an aside: Those who presume that his ...
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Liberals still pitting urban versus rural
Belleville Intelligencer
One of the outstanding features of the provincial election last October could be seen by simply looking at a coloured map of riding results and noting that while most of Ontario was blue and orange, the Liberals nevertheless took the day.
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Liberals 'wasting Assembly time'
ABC Online
"All of Tuesday with the Liberals trying to divert attention from them and it appears all of Thursday is going to be a similar attempt by them," she said. Pressure has been mounting on Opposition Leader Zed Seselja since it was revealed his staff ...
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The Queasy Liberal
Indeed, liberals have a long history of allying with counterrevolutionary movements during revolutionary upheavals, and fascism was counterrevolution par excellence. While liberals bristle at fascism's contempt for the rule of law, when it comes to ...
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ICBA poll shows Liberals trailing NDP by six points
Vancouver Sun
VICTORIA – A poll commissioned by the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association found Premier Christy Clark's BC Liberals to be only six points behind the New Democrats. Conducted by NRG Research Group, the poll found the NDP to have 42 per ...
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Liberal MP accuses NDP of dirty tricks
Toronto Sun
By Jessica Murphy ,Parliamentary Bureau New Liberal MP Lise St-Denis looks up as she ponders a question during a press conference in Ottawa Jan 10, 2012. (ANDRE FORGET/QMI AGENCY) OTTAWA - Newly minted Liberal MP Lise St-Denis is accusing her former ...
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Drummond report gives Liberals cover they need to move away from public health ...
By unbundling medical procedures currently available through public hospitals into a patchwork of private clinics and pushing patients into a home care system where 10000 Ontarians are already waiting for supports, the Liberals are setting the stage ...
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Operation Hilarity urges liberals to vote for Santorum in open GOP primaries ...
Rockford Register Star (blog)
By Pat Cunningham It's time for us to take an active role in the GOP nomination process. That's right, it's time for those of us who live in open primary and caucus states—Michigan, North Dakota, Vermont and Tennessee in the next three weeks—to head ...
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Liberals vs. ObamaCare - Hit & Run : Reason Magazine
By Damon W. Root
This may be the exception that proves the rule, but as George Mason University law professor Ilya Somin reports, at least one cohort of liberal activists has come out against ObamaCare and filed a friend of the court brief urging the Supreme ...
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Wake up America: What Liberals Don't Want You To Know About ...
By Susan Duclos
While liberals continue to hammer the terms "birth control", "contraception", "contraceptive," etc.... they deliberately neglect to mention that the mandate also forces religious organizations and/or religious groups' insurance carriers to provide ...
Wake up America
Conservatives: Stop listening to liberals!
By Joseph Farah
I don't how to say this more simply and emphatically: Conservatives need to stop listening to liberals. There are many liberals around these days who masquerade as conservatives and offer advice to make conservatism more relevant, more ...
The PJ Tatler » Some Liberals Now Opposing ObamaCare Mandate
By Conservative Wanderer
Some liberals are joining conservatives in bashing a requirement in the federal health reform law that would force many people to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty. Advocates of a government-run "single payer" health system filed a ...
The PJ Tatler
Black liberals should be ashamed
By Erik Rush
As we know, it is liberals' proclivity for projection that compels black liberals to deride conservatives of color as sellouts, Uncle Toms and things of this nature, when it is they who are acceding to the dominion of progressive overlords and ...

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Fox Panel: Liberals Support Birth Control To 'Get Rid Of The Poor ...
Fox Panel: Liberals Support Birth Control To 'Get Rid Of The Poor' | Taking the war on birth control to the paranoid extreme, the panel on Fox News' "The Five" ...

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