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We need a dose of direct democracy
Financial Post
But its value is that an esteemed expert, former banker Don Drummond has shamed the Ontario Liberals publicly and itemized 362 concrete steps they must, and can, take. The reality is that politicians overspend because of the flaw in our political ...
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Drummond report's message of dramatic cost-cutting is wake-up call to all parties
Toronto Star
The Liberals say economist Don Drummond's report on Ontario's finances is "a worst-case scenario." That gives them plenty of wiggle room on cost-cutting measures. New Democrats are calling for a "balanced approach," suggesting that Ontario can tax its ...
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Toronto Star
Election buzz down to a drone in Quebec
By Philip Authier, PostmediaNews February 17, 2012 9:08 PM Polls show support for Premier Jean Charest and the Liberals is concentrated in Montreal ridings and in West Quebec. QUEBEC — It was as if someone had thrown a bucket of cold water — a dose ...
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The problem with Justin Trudeau's petty separatism threat is that it's so ...
National Post
The interim leader of the Liberals called it "inappropriate." In Quebec City, the Public Security minister found time in his busy day to pronounce on the extra-jurisdictional festivities. "I find this deplorable," he said. "They have a right to their ...
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National Post
Spendthrift Grits needed Drummond to state obvious
London Free Press
That's about the best spin that can be put on the Ontario Liberal government's decision to pay former bank economist Don Drummond $150000 to come up with ideas to whip the deficit-plagued province's books into shape. More realistically, the Liberals ...
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Liberals pitch 'honesty,' tax hikes
Calgary Sun
By Damien Wood ,Calgary Sun Fightin' words are coming from the mouth of Alberta Liberal leader Raj Sherman who called out Premier Alison Redford's government as either being dishonest or really bad at math. He's pitching a tax hike in his platform for ...
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Quebec's 3 main parties would be in tie if vote held now: poll
The Province
By Kevin Dougherty, Gazette Quebec Bureau February 16, 2012 A new poll indicates Premier Jean Charest's Liberals and the Parti Québécois would each draw support of 29 per cent of voters if an election were held now. The CAQ would be nipping at their ...
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Election boosters get reality check
Montreal Gazette
Voters seem to still be angry at the Liberals, a bit keener on the Parti Québécois despite its endless bickering, but not sure the new political party – the Coalition Avenir Québec – is ready for prime time. Here are the numbers: According to the poll, ...
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Pretty white elephants - SOAPBOXING
The North Bay Nugget
The Liberals commissioned former TD Bank economist Don Drummond to rake through its books to recommend a prudent financial direction. He came back with a slash, sell and burn manifesto that, if implemented in half measure, will change every facet of ...
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Drummond report: Ontarians not eager for harsh medicine, poll suggests
Toronto Star
"Liberal core voters are not on board with this. It's going to be difficult for the Liberals. The education (cuts) hit their core supporters," Forum president Lorne Bozinoff said Thursday. With 53 per cent opposing the elimination of full-day ...
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Joe. My. God.: Blacklisted By Liberals And Homos!
By Joe
Blacklisted By Liberals And Homos! Pat Buchanan says that liberals and homosexuals have hounded him off of MSNBC and that he is now blacklisted in the media. My days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end. After 10 ...
Joe. My. God.
Ross Douthat: Libertarians, liberals can't save the working class ...
By Ross Douthat
Charles Murray's "Coming Apart," the book that's launched a thousand arguments this winter, is a brilliant work with an exasperating conclusion. What's brilliant is Murray's portrait, rich in data and anecdote, of the stead...
Wichita Eagle: Opinion
Rick Santorum: Liberals "border on disdain for the common man ...
By GottaLaff
Santorum goes all fire and brimstone as he writes: "Conservatives trust families and the ordinary Americans that are formed by them. Liberals don't. They border on disdain for the common man." Liberals "border on disdain for the common ...
The Political Carnival

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